5 great ways to promote and market your next hybrid event

Pre-event marketing is a prerequisite for the success of the hybrid event. This helps in building Anticipation in people about the big unveiling. The ultimate aim of heaping the pre-buzz around the event is to motivate the attendees to attend the hybrid event. Choose a hybrid event platform that builds the hype before the event is live. 

Five pre-buzz tricks that work for your grand product launch:

Pre-event marketing offers a sneak-peak into the event’s content and demands frequent up-gradation, preventing the buzz from subsiding. When done appropriately, it builds the event’s popularity through word-of-mouth marketing. Here are the top five ways to create the pre-buzz for your hybrid event that works.

1. Release frequent teasers in social media:

Choose the event platform compatible with social media and WhatsApp to release teaser videos relevant to the event. You can also release the teaser in messenger and WhatsApp for a two-way engagement. Use the hybrid platform to post frequent updates on the event. Ensure that anyone who is signed up or following the page gets the updates. Use the event page to keep people updated on the most interesting and exciting parts of the event.

2. Launch a contest before the actual event:

If your event can accommodate a contest, do not fail to grab the opportunity. Contests are great ways to encourage competition and interest in the event. If possible, conduct a contest relevant to the event itself. Send invitations to the prospects through chatbots that are integrated into your hybrid event platform. Encourage people to prepare for the contest and provoke their interest in the event.

3. Market your virtual event platform:

The event platform is the key for a successful hybrid event. Market the cool features of the virtual event platform and brag about it. Talk about the customization options it offers along with its interactive features to enhance the expectations of the guests on the event.  Posting regularly about the event also reminds the prospects to attend it. Email marketing can be used as a potent tool to accomplish this task. Make these campaigns two-way by asking for clarifications and responses from the contacts. 

4. Involve your influencers in the pre-buzz activity:

This is one of the best online event ideas to channel tremendous attendance for your next hybrid event. Get the influencers to talk or post on your behalf regarding the event on their own social media channels. Also, encourage them to be interviewed on other blogs and share the content with their prospects on podcasts. This will help the news about the event reach a wider audience and enhance ticket sales. 

5. List the event on online calendars and create an event countdown:

Listing the event on the online event calendar enhances its visibility. It also motivates potential attendees to access the event. Some of the best online event platforms like Virtex help to create event countdowns well ahead of the event schedule. This helps create urgency among the attendees to act. 

Building pre-event buzz is an important marketing tool to get the product to reach a diverse audience. It makes people talk about your event and builds their excitement. Choosing a credible event platform does all the magic here. Hybrid event platforms like Virtex helps in sharing event information as early as possible with the prospects as it integrates with major social media platforms. Its live chat options and integrated video tools help propagate the event message ahead of its schedule. Its robust analytical tools offer clear insight into the expected event attendance rate and foster marketing efforts. 

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