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Be A Giver

By giving green rewards, you will not just give a gift but will leave a lasting impression on clients, channel partners, and employees.

Create Real Value

Choose gifts that make a positive impact on the planet. Every reward or incentive should support sustainability and a greener future.

Show What You Care

Show your customers, clients, and teams your unwavering dedication to the environment and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Promote Sustainability

Incorporate sustainability goals into your loyalty programs and offer green rewards to channel partners or customers for eco-friendly actions.

Paris Or No Paris, India Committed To Protecting Climate - Narendra Modi

Businesses across industries and of all sizes have recognized the need to embrace environmentally friendly practices and sustainability. They understand that their actions have an impact on the environment and are actively seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint, conserve resources, and promote sustainable development.

Our Offerings

We offers a suite of eco-friendly solutions designed to empower brands to make a positive impact while also engaging their customers and channel partners in meaningful ways.

Green Loyalty Platform
Green Loyalty Certification

Make every point,
every reward, and
every purchase matters.

When you create eco-friendly loyalty programs, you actively help the planet work towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and contribute to the fight against climate change.

Green Rewards

Make your channel partners and customer engagements impactful!

By aligning your business with sustainability initiatives, you can differentiate yourself in the market and contribute to the greater good, creating a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

Almond Solution - B2B Loyalty Marketing

Commit to Sustainable Action

Identify eco-friendly actions that can be incentivized within the loyalty program, such as promoting responsible sourcing, energy efficiency, or carbon offsetting.  

Almond Solution - B2B Loyalty Marketing

Showcase Your Green Values

Align your loyalty program with green values and motivate your customers and partners to adopt eco-friendly practices, make sustainable choices, and contribute to a healthier planet.

Almond Solution - B2B Loyalty Marketing

Provide Green Learning

Educate and enlighten channel partners about sustainability, provide tips on eco-conscious living, and engage them in conversations about environmental issues.

Almond Solution - B2B Loyalty Marketing

Let Your Brand's Purpose Shine

Embrace the idea of creating a sustainable future, align your actions with your purpose, and let it shine through in every aspect of your business.



Prefers You






Pay Extra



Better ROI

How can brands take the green path?

Embark on an incredible journey of sustainability and take that green path by creating a revolutionary green loyalty programs as sustainability and customer loyalty can go hand in hand.

Think Digital First

Offer digital rewards that can be redeemed for various sustainable options that align with customers' or channel partners' values and encourage green living.

Almond Solution - Loyalty Program Examples

Choose Online Events

A single three-day conference with 800 attendees leaves a footprint of 455 tonnes of CO2 equivalent therefore, the shift to digital events leaves much lesser footprints.

Almond Solution - Loyalty Program Examples

Green Step Forward

Transform existing loyalty programs into green loyalty programs and reward channel partners for being environmentally responsible and making eco-conscious choices.

Almond Solution - Loyalty Program Examples

Educate Channel Partners

By organizing online or digital training, reduce your carbon footprint, minimize infrastructure requirements, preserve resources, and embrace a greener future.

Almond Solution - Loyalty Program Examples

Say No To Physical Coupons

Ditch the wasteful physical coupons and opt for QR codes or digital vouchers that can be easily redeemed using smartphones and are both sustainable and customer friendly.

Almond Solution - Loyalty Program Examples

Restore Nature Naturally

Incorporate carbon offsetting into your loyalty program. Calculate the carbon emissions your customers or partners generate and invest in projects that reduce or offset these emissions.

Bold Moves. Real Results 

Businesses across the globe, spanning diverse sectors such as technology, retail, auto, and banking, have achieved remarkable success by implementing channel loyalty and rewards programs with Almonds.

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If you’re trying to be sustainable, be genuine about it.

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