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Channel Loyalty Report 2024

The Indian B2B channel partner loyalty market, currently valued at 24,000 crore and growing at a CAGR of 15%, presents a golden opportunity for businesses to win over partners and drive sustainable growth.

The Channel Loyalty Report 2024 offers powerful insights to help you navigate this dynamic landscape:

  1. - Over 55% of companies surveyed see loyalty programs as key to overcoming inflation and potential recessionary challenges.
  2. - 68.6% of respondents plan to increase or significantly increase investments in channel partner retention programs. This underlines the critical role of loyalty in securing long-term success.
  3. - 90% of channel partners feel more productive and attached to programs with gamified elements. Injecting an element of fun and competition can significantly boost program effectiveness.
  4. - The report also delves into the impact of the reintroduced IMPS and section 194R on immediate payments and TDS.
  5. - The impact of loyalty programs extends beyond economic uncertainties. Studies show an impressive 18-30% increase in spending and visit frequency, demonstrating their ability to fuel overall business growth.
  6. - The report examines the rise of "Green Loyalty Programs," appealing to GenZ's environmentally conscious values and representing the future of partner engagement.

This report is your roadmap to unlocking success in the Indian B2B channel partner loyalty market. By leveraging its actionable insights, you can build stronger partnerships, drive revenue growth, and stay ahead of the curve in 2024 and beyond.

Channel Loyalty Report 2024 - Click here to download