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A Thrilling Online Product Launch, Sales Training and Engagements with Almonds Ai


Gatorade, a prominent sports beverage brand, sought to relaunch their drink with new flavours while engaging its dealers and retailers in a virtual setting. Dissatisfied with the lack of engagement and high costs associated with their previous physical events, Gatorade partnered with Almonds Ai, a specialized agency in virtual event solutions. They aimed to create an immersive virtual experience to captivate their channel partners and generate excitement.


The primary objective was to showcase the successful execution of the virtual product launch event, highlighting its effectiveness in engaging the sales team while moving away from costly physical events. The focus was on creating a more interactive and engaging virtual experience.


Almonds Ai proposed using their Almond Virtex platform to engage Gatorade's channel partners. They leveraged the theme of "Gatorade Virtual Lunch Arena" to create a virtual stadium environment. This environment featured dynamic visuals, realistic audio effects, and various interactive activities. The Almond Virtex platform also provided real-time analytics to track engagement and participation throughout the event.


The Gatorade virtual product launch utilized the Almond Virtex platform to create a range of engaging activities for participants. These activities included:

1. Product Experience Zone: Participants interacted with triggers to gather information about the new product, including details such as price points and ingredients. By engaging in this activity, participants earned points.

2. Gatorade Zone: Participants had the opportunity to explore an interactive virtual shop featuring branded Gatorade imagery, showcasing point-of-sale materials and branding placements. Engaging in this activity also earned participants points.

3. Gatorade Sales Enabler: Through this activity, participants watched a sales video providing key information about the product to aid sales. After watching the video, participants could download a PDF copy, earning points in the process.

4. Selfie Booth and Selfie Wall: Participants could take selfies using a virtual selfie booth and download their photos. These selfies were then displayed on a virtual selfie wall, creating a sense of community and participation.

5. Auditorium: The virtual event featured presentations in an auditorium setting, showcasing information about Gatorade for the sales team.

6. Quiz Competition: Participants had the opportunity to engage in a quiz competition, answering ten questions with four options each. Choosing the correct answers earned participants points.

7. Goodie Bags: Participants received points for participating in various activities throughout the event. If their total points exceeded a threshold (40 or 70, for example), they were rewarded with Gatorade-branded items such as sippers or towels.

8. Leader boards: Participants could access leader boards, displaying individual scores and highlighting the first and second-place winners.


The Gatorade virtual product launch utilizing the Almond Virtex platform was a resounding success. More than 90% dealers and retailers actively participated in the event. The Almond Virtex platform facilitated meaningful engagement and interaction, surpassing the levels achieved through previous physical events. Notably, leaders from PEPESI CO and Varun Beverages were present at the event and spoke highly of Gatorade's innovative approach and the effectiveness of the Almond Virtex platform. By leveraging Almonds Ai's virtual event solution, Gatorade launched their new drink flavours through an immersive online engagement event for their sales team. The Almond Virtex platform not only provided an exciting and interactive experience but also proved cost-effective compared to traditional physical events. The overall execution of the virtual product launch showcased Gatorade's commitment to innovation and engagement, leaving a lasting impression on its dealers and retailers.

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