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Asian Paints Mobile Pe Charcha: Revolutionizing Painter Engagements with Online Interactive Training and Rewards


Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Asian Paints aimed to sustain painter engagements by introducing an innovative online program offering interactive training and rewarding experiences.


he physical limitations posed by the pandemic called for an effective online solution to educate and engage painters while motivating them during challenging times.


Almonds Ai developed an interactive video learning system on the mobile platform, incorporating question and answer-based evaluations to engage painters effectively and enhance their learning experience. The program also offered exciting rewards to incentivize active participation.


The Mobile Pe Charcha program generated significant impact and positive outcomes:

  •   Over 156,000 painters participated across 18 regions, benefiting from interactive training sessions.
  •   Five engaging video modules were developed to deliver comprehensive learning experiences.
  •   The program witnessed a high registration rate of 41% and strong participation of 52%.
  •   Painters completed the program with a remarkable 40% engagement rate, showcasing sustained interest.
  •   More than 5 million gratifications were distributed, fostering motivation and loyalty among painters.


Asian Paints' Mobile Pe Charcha successfully revolutionized painter engagements by leveraging the power of online interactive training and rewarding experiences. This innovative platform, tailored to the mobile ecosystem, connected, educated, and motivated painters during challenging times. The program's impact demonstrates the effectiveness of digital solutions in nurturing knowledge, fostering loyalty, and empowering painters. Asian Paints' commitment to adapting to the digital landscape showcases their dedication to supporting and strengthening relationships with painters in an evolving world.

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