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One Platform. Many Industries

Whether you are in retail, finance, hospitality, or any other industry, our B2B loyalty and rewards platform is a perfect solution to increase channel engagement and loyalty.

Reach, Retain and Reward

Reach out and connect with channel partners, retain their loyalty by meeting their needs, and reward their efforts with an all-in-one loyalty management platform.

Loyalty Program Configuration

Design a program perfectly tailored to your business needs and customer base. From points-based systems to tiered rewards structures, craft a Loyalty Rewards Program that keeps your channel partners engaged and returning for more.

Points Accrual

Reward channel partners for each sale made, attending training sessions, referring new customers with personalized offers, and a seamless redemption process.

Redemption Engine

With just a few clicks, create a customized brand loyalty program that aligns with your business goals, enabling your partners to quickly and easily redeem their loyalty rewards for products, services, and experiences they want.

Flexible Rewarding 

Customize the program to suit your specific needs and point accrual scenarios and allow partners to choose rewards from a wide range of options, including cashback, gift cards, merchandise, travel, and more. 

Key Features

Almond Solution - Loyalty Program Examples

Role-based Access

Improve security, reduce the risk of data breaches, and offer personalized rewards and incentives to each channel partner based on their role and performance.

Almond Solution - Loyalty Program Examples

Engagement Campaigns

Create personalized campaigns that resonate with your partners, rewarding them partners for their loyalty and encouraging them to stay engaged with your brand.

Almond Solution - Loyalty Program Examples

Coalition Programs

Collaborate with multiple brands and businesses to create a unique and customized loyalty program that caters to the individual needs of your channel partners.

Almond Solution - Loyalty Program Examples

Omnichannel Communication

Provide a seamless and consistent experience to channel partners across their preferred mediums such as email, phone, text message, chatbot, or WhatsApp.

Almond Solution - Loyalty Program Examples

Instant Redemption

Increase channel engagement and satisfaction with instant cash, digital vouchers, UPI, and rewards in real-time as it provides a sense of immediate gratification.

Almond Solution - Loyalty Program Examples

Personalized Rewards

Tailor rewards and benefits to channel partners' specific needs and preferences, creating a best rewards program that is more relevant and valuable to each partner.

Almond Solution - Loyalty Program Examples

Customer Support

Provide 24x7 customer support and build trust between you and your channel partners through multi-language calling, email, chat, or toll-free mechanisms.

Almond Solution - Loyalty Program Examples

Fully Customizable

With our end-to-end customizable platform, supercharge your channel partners by creating a loyalty program aligned with your brand and goals.

Almond Solution - Loyalty Program Examples

Easy Integrations

Get to market faster while secure yet simple integrations across popular ERP, DMS, SFA, CRM, eCommerce, and payment platforms.

Bold Moves. Real Results 

Businesses across the globe, spanning diverse sectors such as technology, retail, auto, and banking, have achieved remarkable success by implementing channel loyalty and rewards programs with Almonds.

What Almonds can do for you?

Our solutions augment business using sophisticated yet simple technology and B2B loyalty program platform to deliver measurable conversions and return on experience.

Almond Solution - B2B Loyalty Marketing

Loyalty Marketing

Build a long-term relationship, encourage channel partners to purchase repeatedly, and drive revenue growth over time.

Almond Solution - B2B Loyalty Marketing

Loyalty Management

Manage your loyalty programs, create a personalized experience, and distribute relevant rewards from a single platform. 

Almond Solution - B2B Loyalty Marketing

Marketing Automation

Utilize our tools that leverage AI to devise and execute loyalty marketing campaigns based on your channel partners’ past behavior.

Almond Solution - B2B Loyalty Marketing

Data Analytics

Optimize your marketing strategies with our data set analysis and tools, which can increase your efficiency by 50%. 

Almond Solution - B2B Loyalty Marketing


Engage your channel partners and make a longlasting impression on their minds with our gamified loyalty platform. 

Almond Solution - B2B Loyalty Marketing

Customer Touchpoints

Understand your customer’s tick points, know what makes them productive and motivated. 

Boost Revenue and Marketing ROI with an award winning loyalty platform.

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