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Loyalty Programs 2.0 powered by REFLEX

A mobile-first, data-driven, secure gateway to empower customer loyalty, rewards, schemes, and promotions.

Points Accumulation Engine

Manage centralized points bank and ledgers with a secure member data vault. Centralize your customer information, eliminates data silos, and enhances personalization with a single and accurate customer profile maintained across all touchpoints.cmd

Rewards Marketplace

Engage and motivate customers to participate in the loyalty program with a diverse offering of incentives, including product catalogs, points transfers, donations, green rewards, exclusive access, and discounts.

Fraud Detection Engine

Safeguard access control and protects the loyalty program from fraudulent activities, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer data. This cloud-based approach offers scalability and reliability.

External Data Integration

To enrich customer experiences, seamlessly integrates loyalty program platform with various external data sources, including POS systems, E-commerce platforms, logistics, and more.

Rules Engine

Ensure that the loyalty program operates efficiently and fairly by defining how points are earned, redeemed, and the conditions under which rewards are granted. It is the brain of the Core Loyalty Platform, governing the behaviour of the entire system.

Reporting & Analytics

Provides valuable insights into customer behavior and loyalty program performance, dashboard. Advanced analytics reveal trends across various customer cohorts and channels.

A Platform with Superpowers

Maximize ROI, streamline operations, reignite brand engagement and empower brand administrators, marketing managers and channel marketing leads with unmatched efficiency.

Organizational Mapping

Define your structure, including channel mapping, sales team hierarchy, multi-brand and multi-location hierarchies. This ensures that the loyalty program can be seamlessly integrated into the organization's existing setup.

Dynamic Scheme Management

Create and manage loyalty schemes tailored to your unique needs. Whether it's a points-based system or rewards management, provides the flexibility required for effective customer engagement.

Marketing Campaign Planner

Empower your teams to design and execute marketing campaigns, making use of customer data and behavioural insights to deliver personalized offers via SMS, WhatsApp, Automated calls, Email and Notifications.

Experience Platform

Enhance customer interactions by providing a unified interface for managing events and interactive education programs, trainings. You can create customized interactive video content-based programs with evaluation on the go.

Content Management

Create and deliver content that is appealing and can be seamlessly integrated into your loyalty programs, engagement and education programs from product descriptions to promotional materials.

Rewards Marketplace

Provide a diverse range of incentives to your channel partners by offering choices across various categories, catering to partners' preferences and enhancing loyalty program engagement effectively.

Supercharge your Customer Experiences

Conversational AI Chatbots and AI Recommendations offer personalized, 24/7 assistance and recommendations that customers adore.

Enrolment System

User-friendly interface for customers to join the loyalty program quickly and simplifies the onboarding process for new members.

Member Tiers

Customers are incentivized to climb the tiers by earning more rewards and accessing exclusive benefits.

Conversational AI Chatbots

Enhance customer satisfaction by providing with real-time assistance and 24/7 support, answering queries, and guiding them through their loyalty journey.

AI Recommendations

Boost engagement and drive sales by offering personalized products, services, and offers to customers powered by machine learning algorithms.

Points & Redemption

Enables customers to view their points balance and redeem rewards seamlessly. It also ensures that reward transactions are secure and accurate.

Gamification Engine

Elements like challenges, badges, and leaderboards, motivate customers to engage actively with the loyalty program.

Product Delivery Tracking Module

Multiparty integrated module enables customers to track the status of their orders, enhancing transparency and trust in the loyalty program.


Save costs and build strong relationships by connecting with your b2b customers and engaging them online through immersive metaverse platforms like virtual events.

Education Platform

Educate and engage your channel partners about products via video-based learning program offering interactive training and rewarding experiences.

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Businesses across the globe, spanning diverse sectors such as technology, retail, auto, and banking, have achieved remarkable success by implementing channel loyalty and rewards programs with Almonds.

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