5 Key Features to look for while choosing a hybrid event platform.

Hybrid events lay the perfect bridge between the online and the virtual platforms and they have seen a boom from the outbreak of the pandemic. Hosting a hybrid event is a challenging endeavor and thus, it is mandatory to choose the best hybrid event platform with unique characteristics to get the event a grand success.

Factors to consider before choosing a hybrid event platform:

Hybrid events can take a multitude of forms and formats, depending on the event content and audience. The best hybrid event platform in India, should treat both its live and online audience equally and ensure that they get the most from the event. The other key features to look for while choosing a hybrid event platform are as follows.

1. Extensive platform knowledge and technical skills:

The hybrid event platform should be capable of setting up a digital event on the platform of one’s choice. They should be able to create digital ads and reach the target audience and create and format videos and slides that are viewable on the screens of the audience. They should be capable of choosing the best hybrid event technology that engages the audience.

2. Marketing skills:

Marketing the digital event on a hybrid platform is a daunting and time-consuming task and it is mandatory to choose a hybrid event service provider who has abundant knowledge in using the digital platforms properly. The campaign should hold an inbuilt marketing instinct to grab the attention of the audience and convert them into prospective leads.

3. Live streaming technology:

Live streaming technology is the lifeblood of a hybrid event. Virtex makes use of a virtual lobby control room that allows hosts to manage perfect live streaming for each participant, no matter if they are an attendee or presenter.

4. Customizable hybrid environment:

This is perhaps one of the first and the best qualities that the hybrid marketing platform should possess. It should be capable of integrating changes and adopting custom changes to the interface, according to the needs of the business and the interests of the participants. Its 3D matrix should be able to include unique features such as reception, exhibition halls, lobby, etc., and should be able to customize each of these rooms, according to the requirements of the client.

5. Analytics:

Choose a hybrid event platform that offers real-time in-person and virtual data analytics. Analytics is a valuable means of rendering event results and helps in measuring the success of the event and its ROI, with a specific breakdown of data. They help in analyzing the success of the event at the granular level and illustrate all relevant data with appropriate graphics and relevant explanations.


Choosing the best hybrid event platform is the only way to reach a wide audience range and keep them engaged, so as to convert them into prospective leads. Almond Virtex organizes the best hybrid events in India and offers exclusive event management tools for a successful hybrid conference or a trade event. Give your hybrid event the Almond advantage and keep measuring your success with real time analytics.

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