6 Types of Events to Focus Your Attention on Right Now

Companies require a range of events in order to grow their business. From conferences to sporting events, trade shows and more, they must decide what type of event their business needs. Event planners need to connect the dots between the business objectives and the type of events that will help achieve these goals.

Before planning any events, certain things need to be considered such as budget, virtual exhibition platform, sponsorship, and accessibility. But what event to host is the first thing that every event planner must decide.

Top 6 events to host for achieving business goals

There are a lot of different types of events to choose from when planning an event for your business. The choice may seem overwhelming to the event planner looking to plan engaging and impactful events.

Therefore, here is the list of the top 6 corporate events you can choose from:


Conference events are among the most productive kinds of networking events for business with multiple speakers and sessions are usually held for multiple days. These events encourage conversation among people with related interests to share their knowledge & experiences.

Conferences typically begin with a keynote presentation before proceeding into roundtables, interviews as well as panel discussion.

Trade Show

Trade shows are basically used to showcase new products and services to other businesses or audiences. Businesses who want to generate sales leads or create brand awareness generally opt for a trade fair.

These events typically take place in-person but amid the pandemic, people opt for virtual trade shows or in a hybrid format also.


Seminars are more like conferences but the key difference is that seminars are organized to educate or provide training to a specific target audience. These events can be live or pre-recorded with one speaker or can be more.

Businesses host seminars to provide training about specific products or techniques, employee training, or develop customer loyalty.

Product Launch

Companies host launch events to bring new products or services to market. These events are a great way to create hype for the upcoming product and acquire some leads during the event only.

Inviting investors, bloggers, loyal customers, media as well as social media influencers helps companies to spread word prior to, during, and following the launch of your product.

Award Ceremonies

The virtual award ceremony is just one of the many changes 2020 has given us. Companies organized award shows to create a culture of participation and thought leadership.

Award ceremonies mostly happen to recognized employees, but sometimes, organizations also host these ceremonies in honour of their partners, stakeholders, distributors, and retailers.


Summits are pretty similar to an in-person conference, except they are organized virtually. There are different activities for attendees, such as talks, interviews, and presentations under similar themes.

Even some event platforms such as Almond Virtex provide the facility of “breakout rooms” to have a mastermind session and networking aspects.

No matter what type of event you are planning, choosing the right platform is very important. There are some features of a virtual trade show that you consider while finalizing a platform.

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