8 Questions to Ask Your Audience after Virtual Event

You wrap up your virtual event. You are happy and satisfied. But how can you be sure that the event was successful or the attendees found the event impactful? Do you think your sponsors & exhibitors will continue to support your event again?

Through feedback, you can assess the effectiveness of the event and how can you increase the sponsors/exhibitors ROI next time through result oriented engagements, focused data analysis and networking.

For  virtual event planners feedback is essential. To gather feedback, survey after your event can be an excellent because they will tell you precisely what your attendees as well as sponsors and the public liked about your event and what steps could be implemented to make improvements to it in the future.

Here are 8 post-event survey questions to get useful insights of the event.

How satisfied were you with the virtual event?

It is undoubtedly an important question to ask your attendees to rate their satisfaction with an event. This can be done by asking them about specific things like the online event platform, date, program, speakers, quality of content, engagements and interactions, networking, registration fee/ticket, and more.

This will give you a clear understanding of how well you did in each area and satisfied the attendees. 

What did you like the most about the event?

This can give you an idea of your event’s elements that helped to make attendees happy and satisfied so that you can repeat those elements in your next event to make it engaging.

Let this be an open-ended question to give leverage to your attendees to write their feedback.

How easy was it to navigate the virtual event platform?

The navigation to the virtual platform should be as easy as walking through the physical event. This question will let you know the effectiveness of your virtual platform. To understand whether the audience enjoys interacting with the platform or not because then only they will come back to attend other events.

Almond Virtex is a virtual platform that make it easy for attendees to get from session to session. It is 100% customizable and scalable that combines the thrill of live meeting with the effectiveness of Digital Experience.

Were you satisfied with the amount of activities?

Events get more interesting when audiences have options to participate in different activities. Also, you will get to know whether attendees enjoy these activities or do you need to customize them as per the audience’s interest.

Were you satisfied with the quality of the content?

The content you provide to the audience in an event decides whether the attendees will attend your event again in the future or not. The information should be helpful and relevant to the topic of the event.

Is there anything you did not like about the event?

Receiving constructive feedback from participants isn’t easy, but it can help discover the things that worked best for your audience

This will enable you to discover those elements that aren’t great during the experience of attendees in order to enhance the areas you can improve in for future events.

Have you attended our other events before?

Remarketing is an excellent aspect of growing your business. But new acquisitions are also crucial for the company.

You will know how many repeat attendees attend your events regularly or annually, which means how many people find your event valuable and continue to participate them.

Knowing this will clear your perspective of whether you want to retarget your existing attendees or you want to acquire a new audience and take action accordingly.

Would you recommend this virtual event to others?

Word of mouth is the best way to know whether your event was great or not. Your audience liking your event is not enough to measure the event’s success.

Is your event enough exciting and informative that they would talk about you and your event with their friends or colleagues? That will define how successful your event was.

You can ask these questions to your audience for their valuable feedback. Your sponsors can also ask you some questions to see value in your offer. 6 questions your event sponsors will ask you to understand your product completely.

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