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Gamifying the News Experience for Higher Engagement and Website Traffic


ABP News aimed to increase user engagement and traffic to their website, particularly in the gaming section. The objective was to create a seamless experience between TV and online platforms to drive traffic to the website while providing an engaging, entertaining experience for viewers and users.


Traditional broadcast media faces challenges in keeping viewers engaged beyond passive consumption. ABP News needed a strategy to:

  • - Cross-Platform Integration

    Bridging the gap between the TV channel and the website to create a seamless user experience presented a challenge.

  • - Sustaining Viewer Interest

    It was important to maintain viewer interest and engagement during broadcasts to encourage repeated interaction.

  • - Creating a Compelling Game

    Developing a game that would resonate with users and keep them coming back for more required thoughtful design and strategic execution.


ABP News partnered with Almonds AI to create an interactive Tambola game in the gaming section of their website. The Tambola game was designed to integrate with ABP's TV broadcasts seamlessly:

  • - Interactive Tambola Website Integration

    A user-friendly Tambola game was launched on the ABP website's gaming section. The game was designed to integrate seamlessly with the TV broadcast.

  • - Website/App Participation

    Five Tambola numbers were displayed on the ABP news channel on TV every 15 minutes. Users could then log in to the website or app and mark the numbers on their Tambola cards.


The partnership and implementation of the interactive Tambola game produced the following results:

  • - Increased Traffic

    The introduction of the interactive Tambola game resulted in increased traffic to the gaming section of the ABP News website as viewers were drawn to play the game online.

  • - Enhanced User Engagement

    The combination of TV and online gaming created a more engaging and entertaining experience for viewers, keeping them interested in both platforms.

  • - Improved Viewer Retention

    The ongoing game encouraged viewers to return regularly to both the TV channel and website, enhancing viewer retention and loyalty to the brand.

  • - Cross-Platform Synergy

    The successful integration of TV and online platforms demonstrated the potential for future cross-platform initiatives, strengthening ABP News's overall brand presence.

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