Almond Virtex: The Most Trusted and Secure Virtual Event Platform

After the pandemic, the world was forced to do all of its operations online. However, people started to adapt to it quickly, and it started to become a new routine for the people. Now lockdown is over in most parts of the world, but many people are still preferring virtual meetings and remote work over going physically. Due to this trend, there is a big rise in virtual meetings and events. In order to facilitate the growing market need for virtual events, there are a number of virtual event platforms available in the market. However, functionality, as well as the user interface of each platform, varies. It is for that reason it becomes critical to choose a platform that meets all of your needs. Whether it is a corporate meeting, a virtual celebration, or a video conference, the virtual event platform must be able to fulfill the needs with a user interface that makes the virtual meetings more interesting and happening. On top of that, the platform should be well-secured and trusted, so issues like technical glitches and other undesirable things do not occur.
Almond Virtex is the most trusted, secure, and best virtual event platform in India, with a remarkable brand reputation for its high quality and secure work.Rather than just offering virtual event platforms, the company also offers various virtual as well as hybrid event solutions for event agencies, associations, workforce, companies, workforce development organizations, universities, and many others.
Almond Virtex was created by a team of technologist-turned-experience designers who feel there is a significant difference between duplicating a real event into a virtual world and developing a digital-first event. Any virtual exposition, large-scale conference, property expo, job fair award ceremony, live video broadcasts, or virtual video interviews may benefit from Almond Virtex’s versatile, customizable, feature-packed, mobile-friendly online and app. With the 5 Guinness Book of World records on its name for facilitating the highest number of people in a virtual medium, Almond Virtex has become the only online event platform that holds such a record.

Features offered by Almond Virtex:

Whether it is an online conference, virtual meeting, or any online celebration, Virtex offers a wide range of features to its users to enhance their as well as audience experience, which they love. Here are some of the exciting and convenient features offered by the company:

  • LIVE AND PRE-RECORDED SESSIONS: Organize as many speaker sessions, panel discussions, and presentations as you like. Deliver numerous sessions at the same time.
  • LIVE INTERACTION WITH AUDIENCE: The audience can interact with the presenters and panelists in real-time and offer comments in real-time.
  • SURVEYS, POLLS, AND NOTIFICATIONS: Maintain user engagement during the event using fundamental elements that contribute to a positive event experience.
  • DIGITAL NETWORKING: Establish a private virtual networking zone where participants can create profiles and engage one-on-one.
  • INSTANT VIDEO CHAT: Speakers and panelists, sponsors and exhibitors, and other participants can be video-chatted with.
  • VIRTUAL EXHIBITION: Organize an expo with highly interactive sponsor booths and exhibitor zones that may provide individualized experiences for attendees.
  • ROUNDTABLES & MEETING ROOMS: Make private as well as public meeting rooms with restricted access, or allow guests to create their own meeting rooms.
  • CONCIERGE CHAT-BOTS: A specialized system that can provide essential information, aid with event walk-throughs, and handle technical issues for each user.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA & WHATSAPP: Integrate social channels to generate buzz and accelerate two-way engagement via WhatsApp, Messenger, and other messaging apps.
  • INSTANT GRATIFICATIONS: Attendees can be rewarded for their enthusiasm, multi-level participation, and long-term commitment.
  • CAFÉ AND GAMES ZONES: The café offers a variety of engaging and pleasurable activities. The game zone offers a high level of excitement.
  • INSIGHTS AND ANALYTICS: The live dashboard shows engagement figures in real-time, while post-event analytics give detailed data and insights.
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