Benefits of Using Event Analytics?

The trend of virtual and hybrid virtual events is increasing with time. You can find numerous types of hybrid events in India as well as outside of India. Since the number of events is increasing on virtual platforms, managing those events manually is also becoming more and more complex.

Event analytics offers a solution to all these problems. But, first, let’s understand what event analytics is and how it works.

What is Event Analytics?

Event analytics is a management solution that lets you examine and analyze data from your events. Event analytics enables you to make informed decisions about boosting attendee engagement rates by offering insights into your event. It can also help you in identifying areas where your event planning approaches should be improved.

Benefits of Using Event Analytics

Now that we have understood what event analytics is, let’s understand how it can be beneficial for virtual event planners.

Time-Effective Management:

In this fast-paced world, everything needs to be done quickly, so managing various event functions manually can be inefficient as it consumes a lot of time and the chances of error increase significantly. That’s why a fast solution to these problems is essential.

Work like floor planning, tickets, registrations, schedules, and surveys, can all be done using event analytics in one location. When it comes to generating event statistics, driving deeper attendee engagement, and maximizing returns on investment, you no longer need to employ several Word or Excel files.

Intelligent Automation to Streamline Event Planning:

Intelligent automation allows you to automate various operations, which reduces the workload from the planner and performs the task instantly. However, this kind of solution requires the best virtual platform in India. Almond VIRTEX offers the best hybrid event platform India that drives the audience to the virtual events with the right path and increases engagement using intelligent solutions.

Tracking Market Campaign Effectiveness:

Managing online marketing can be difficult, especially if you’re conducting multiple initiatives at the same time. Most of the marketing managers and event planners constantly look for ways to increase the engagement on their platform, and that’s why event monitoring becomes a critical tool for choosing the best approach for these campaigns, as well as assisting managers in deciding which initiatives are working the best.

Insights of Audience Engagement:

Through event analytics, you can track which post or link gets the most engagement and what type of things get the least engagement. Event tracking can be used in order to find out which pages and links on your site are the most popular, allowing you to see if customers are more interested in one product or service than another. This data will help you make the best decision possible and ensure that your most profitable products or services receive the maximum views. Event tracking can also be used to see if you’re SEO initiatives are delivering traffic to the right pages on your site.

Visitor Segmentation:

Event analytics allows you to track events so that you can see how many new visits your SEO optimization campaign gets you, as well as segment the data by new or returning visitors, geography, and referral sources. With this analysis, you’ll be able to fine-tune your website so that it generates more high-quality leads in the future.


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