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CEAT Cricket League Game: Boosting Engagement and Data Collection During IPL


CEAT aims to increase customer engagement and generate leads during the IPL season. The goal is to leverage the popularity of cricket and the IPL season to enhance brand visibility, encourage interaction with the CEAT brand, and collect valuable user data for targeted marketing efforts. By offering a web-based cricket game, CEAT plans to attract cricket enthusiasts and engage them with the brand.


  • - User Engagement

    Engaging a diverse audience across different regions and age groups during the IPL season can be challenging.

  • - Data Collection

    Gathering data and insights from users while respecting privacy and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

  • - Lead Generation

    Utilizing the game to convert players into leads for future marketing campaigns.

  • - Offline-to-Online Conversion

    Effectively directing offline customers to engage with the online game and the brand.

  • - Security and User Authentication

    Ensuring secure and reliable authentication mechanisms while providing a seamless user experience.


  • - Web-Based Cricket Game

    Almonds Ai developed a web-based cricket game that could be accessed through a web browser on Android and iOS devices, ensuring cross-platform accessibility and a seamless user experience.

  • - Engaging Game Mechanics

    The game incorporated engaging mechanics that appealed to cricket enthusiasts, such as simulated matches, leaderboards, and rewards, fostering a sense of competition and excitement.

  • - User Data Collection

    Almonds Ai implemented secure mechanisms for collecting user data, including mobile number OTP and Google ID OTP authentication, enabling CEAT to gather valuable information for lead generation and targeted marketing efforts.

  • - QR Code Integration

    To bridge the gap between offline and online engagement, Almonds Ai integrated QR codes into CEAT's physical store, allowing users to easily access the cricket league game by scanning the codes.

  • - Advanced Analytics

    Almonds Ai's platform provided advanced analytics capabilities, enabling CEAT to gain insights into user behavior, preferences, and engagement levels, facilitating data-driven decision-making and targeted marketing strategies.


  • - Increased Customer Engagement

    The immersive cricket game experience successfully captured the attention of cricket enthusiasts, fostering increased customer engagement and brand loyalty during the IPL season.

  • - Expanded Reach

    By offering a web-based game accessible across multiple platforms, CEAT reached a wider audience and maximized engagement opportunities.

  • - Successful Data Collection and Lead Generation

    The implementation of secure user authentication mechanisms, such as mobile number OTP and Google ID OTP, enabled CEAT to collect valuable user data, facilitating effective lead generation and targeted marketing efforts.

  • - Offline-to-Online Integration

    The integration of QR codes in CEAT's marketing materials seamlessly bridged the gap between offline and online engagement, driving increased traffic to the cricket league game.

  • - Data-Driven Insights

    Through advanced analytics, CEAT gained valuable insights into user behavior, preferences, and engagement levels, enabling data-driven decision-making and the optimization of marketing strategies.

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