Checklist for choosing a hybrid event venue

The event industry saw a massive shift in trends and technology in terms of hosting an event. Hybrid events are one such trend that has taken off and is the future of the events industry. Hybrid events are like the traditional events and new technology (virtual events) being together under the same umbrella to redefine how the events will be held in the future.

A hybrid event platform is essentially a blend of technology and networking equipment that will make the hybrid event venue stand out from the rest.Here are some things that you should consider while choosing your perfect venue to host a successful hybrid event:

1. Venue capacity

Getting to know the capacity of the venue is essential. Think of questions like, is the space sufficient for the equipment and team? Is there any separate room available for live streaming? Will the projected count of attendees fit into the venue? These questions are sure to help you nail a perfect venue to host your hybrid event.

2. Equipment

Multiple cameras, microphones, tripods, lights, and giant screens are some of the equipment an organizer must include in their checklist. The kit can be yours or hired externally. A suitable option is to choose a venue with all the equipment mentioned in the list or request the platform to accommodate the equipment if it’s not available.

3. Efficient power supply

A robust power supply is required to handle high-quality equipment like cameras, computers, and virtual platforms. The attendees coming to the event will need a power supply to charge their devices like mobiles and laptops. Make sure your venue has adequate power outlets for all your equipment. Check for the backup power source with the platform in case of a power outage.

4. Internet Connectivity

A hybrid event requires seamless internet as it live-streams the event to its virtual audience. Ensuring secure and reliable high-speed internet is crucial while selecting a venue.

5. Safety Measures

Since hybrid events became popular during the pandemic, safety measures will be the core thing to have in the future. While choosing a venue, make sure to check the venue’s safety measures as advised by the government, like social distancing, clean restrooms, masks, sanitizers, etc.

6. Accessibility

The term “accessibility” refers to the ability of anyone, including people with special needs, to use the venue and its services. Knowing who your attendees are and what their needs are. You’ll almost certainly know whether or not there will be children at your event, but you may not know if there will be people with disabilities.

7. Cost and flexibility

Negotiating with venues by being flexible on the event date may be an excellent strategy to save money. They could have some open slots on their schedule that they’d like to fill. You are more likely to receive a lower price if you provide two or three date alternatives.
Finding the right venue to host your hybrid event can be a daunting task, but it will be all worth it if you host it properly. We hope these things have helped get you thinking critically and creatively to find your perfect venue.
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