Before diving into any major task, it’s crucial to have a game plan. And when it comes to business, especially thinking about setting up a loyalty program, asking the right questions is key. Whether you’re aiming for customer loyalty or engaging your channel partners, loyalty programs can seriously boost sales, referrals, and overall brand loyalty. 

So, if your brand is gearing up for a loyalty program, it’s time to ask the important questions to your potential loyalty program provider. In today’s discussion, we’ll walk you through the must-ask questions to ensure your loyalty program sets off on the right foot. 

1. Impact on Customer Loyalty 

How has the platform positively impacted frequency, customer retention, and profitability for businesses like mine? 

It’s like asking for a sneak peek into your loyalty program’s future. If the provider presents the results that cover your target, then well and good. Otherwise, you must go for more updates and functionality in the program. You must also ask for the real examples. It will help you to see the capability of the loyalty program providers. 

You can also refer to existing loyalty programs. It will give you an idea about the dos and don’ts. 

2. New Member Activation 

Does the platform have easy-to-use tools to encourage new loyalty members to be active in the program? What customer activation rate should we expect in the first year 

Introducing new members is just the beginning; ensuring they actively participate in the program is another challenge. Streamlined tools simplify this crucial step, making the onboarding process an easy task to complete

That’s why you should explore the features that are user-friendly and contribute to the delight of new member activation. Establish clear expectations for achieving a robust customer activation rate in the first year. 

3. Focus on Retention 

Does the platform have features to drive retention and encourage the return of lapsed guests? What retention rate can we expect in the first year?

Securing the loyalty of existing customers proves more cost-effective than ceaselessly pursuing new ones. Unlocking the potential of features crafted for customers who may have lapsed is similar to discovering precious keys. 

You, as a brand, should dive into these golden features, meticulously designed not just to retain customers but to transform them into devoted brand advocates. Delve into the intricacies, ensuring a seamless experience, and grasp the expected retention rate within the initial year for a strategic approach to enduring customer relationships. 

4. Cost Monitoring and Adjustment 

How does the platform track and monitor the cost of rewards? Can I adjust my program to fine-tune the cost-to-value ratio?  

Closely manage your loyalty budget to ensure lasting cost-effectiveness. The ability to make adjustments is key to sustaining a viable loyalty program. That’s why brands must dive into the platform’s sophisticated cost-monitoring tools for valuable insights, ensuring a balanced cost-to-value ratio. Confirm the flexibility to fine-tune and adapt, guaranteeing your loyalty venture remains not only effective but also economically sound in the ever-evolving business landscape. 

5. Non-Discount Rewards 

What types of non-discount rewards can customers redeem? What impact has this had on the effective discount rate? 

Rewarding customers doesn’t always have to translate into discounts. Non-discount rewards, like exclusive events or hidden menu offerings, bring excitement and cost-effectiveness to loyalty programs. So, make sure you delve into the diverse realm of non-discount rewards, discovering their unique appeal. Grasp the profound impact they have on the effective discount rate, providing businesses with innovative ways to engage customers without compromising profitability. 

6. Integration with Digital Revenue Streams 

How does the loyalty program integrate with online ordering, and what lift in digital revenue can we expect? 

Integrating loyalty seamlessly with online orders goes beyond revenue boost—it elevates your digital presence. Understand the integration process with online ordering systems, exploring real-life examples or testimonials that highlight the tangible increase in digital revenue. 

This synergy not only enhances your bottom line but also positions your brand prominently in the digital landscape, contributing to sustained growth and customer engagement. 

7. Transition Process 

What is the step-by-step process for transitioning an existing loyalty program? What percentage of active customers can we expect to transition? 

Transitioning between loyalty programs should be a seamless experience, not a chaotic one. A well-executed process guarantees a surge in engagement and membership during the switch. Request a comprehensive roadmap for the transition, including examples illustrating how existing members will navigate the shift. 

Additionally, clarify expectations for the percentage of active customers successfully transitioning, ensuring a smooth and positive experience for your valued clientele. 

8. Ongoing Engagement and A/B Testing 

Does the platform allow for true A/B testing of both one-time and automated marketing campaigns  

In the dynamic landscape of marketing, evolution is key. A/B testing stands as your compass, guiding continuous refinement for sustained engagement. Understand the intricacies of this process for marketing campaigns and seek insights into the expected impact on revenue. 

Embracing A/B testing not only keeps your strategies finely tuned but also propels your business forward in the competitive realm of marketing, ensuring enduring success and growth. 

You’ve successfully uncovered the key to selecting a loyalty platform that perfectly aligns with your business goals. Equipped with these insightful questions, you’re poised to embark on a transformative loyalty adventure for your business.  

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