Design and Hosting Guide for an Online Course.

Virtual learning and preparation have been an essential aspect of all organizations. It can be very lucrative to develop and market online classes, with several professionals earning profit in 5 to 7 figures.
It is estimated that the entire e-learning industry will boost 300 trillion dollars by 2025, with more online learning courses for individuals and companies. Because of the pandemic, there is no better time to enter the rising e-learning market.
Creators may use Almond Solutions to their advantage by sharing pre-recorded lesson videos or live-streaming their lessons. Professionals can utilize Almond Solutions, a virtual events platform, that allows developers to earn money through their content and help them evolve while achieving ROI. You can leverage the platform by uploading pre-recorded videos, organizing live sessions, or an on-demand session. The development of online courses involves many phases, but the most crucial phase is to choose the subject to build a website and generate revenue. It will be the rock-bottom for your course.

Below are different steps you must take to create an online course.

Select a popular subject you want to teach.

While choosing the subject of your online course there are infinite possibilities. There is no set rule for writing a course. It just requires patience and ingenuity. If you like your domain of expertise, everything else will fall into line. So, it is crucial to choose a topic of your interest. There are countless resources and tools that can help you develop insightful and engaging courses; all you need to do is explore every possible idea.
Although most instructors deliver online classes as pre-recorded and on-demand sessions, Almond Solutions allows you to mix your session and make them more attractive to participants who want to engage with their virtual trainer in real-time.

Concentrate on delivering an exceptional customer experience.

➔ Visually appealing online course.

It takes a lot of time and energy to create an online course, so keeping it appealing is essential. To do this, create an engaging landing page for your upcoming audience and provide a brief overview of what your viewers should anticipate from the course. Moreover, it is necessary to do proper research on your subject until you are familiar with your topic. You should also conduct keyword analysis to see what types of questions your target audience is searching for about your topic. Almond Solutions allows you to mix pre-recorded / on-demand sessions with a live session. That makes it more interactive for the students who want to engage with their online teacher live.

➔ Create a syllabus for your online course.

Generate a checklist of the lessons you want to offer in your online course. To maintain a seamless and trouble-free learning opportunity, identify a goal for each topic, and break down the areas you want to discuss. It will give you and your audience a better understanding of the course. It all boils down to walking the viewers step by step throughout the course. The whole course should have an introduction and a conclusion for better understanding.

➔ Create user-friendly course material.

It is crucial to create engaging content around a course while building it. You can also write a blog post, host a webinar, host a podcast, or maintain a YouTube channel for the course, so people can easily connect with it, even if you have uploaded a pre-recorded session. Your content should be easy to understand, and your webpage should be user-friendly.

To get started, choose the right virtual platform.

Choosing the right platform for your course is very crucial. Almond Solutions is an engagement platform that offers the streaming of webinars and events to its users to create both live and on-demand events. With numerous features, we allow you to elevate your online course and inspire more attendees to enroll.

Here are some of groundbreaking innovations of Almond Solutions that can convert your online course into an exciting experience:


Keep the users engaged throughout the event with basic features that make the event a wholesome experience.


The café provides entertaining and enjoyable experiences. The game zone ensures excitement is high.


Create a privacy-enabled virtual networking zone enabling attendees to create their profiles and interact 1:1.


A dedicated system that can deliver required information, assist with the event walk-through, and troubleshoot technical queries for every user.

By leveraging Almond Solutions you can build an informative yet engaging course for your users, and if you have any query regarding virtual events reach out to us.
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