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e-RUPI Disbursement Platform


Leakage and delay in benefit disbursement is one of the primary challenge for government/corporates. Traditional methods, involving intermediaries, lead to inefficiencies and potential fund misappropriation. There's a lack of visibility for payors on the end-use of funds by beneficiaries. A connected platform for sponsors (payors), beneficiaries, and merchants (providers) can ensure transparent, timely, and accurate delivery of benefits.


Almonds Ai is delighted to present a proposal for the enablement of the e-RUPI platform, a transformative solution for the disbursement of government/corporate benefits. Our platform, successfully implemented in Madhya Pradesh with Bank Of Maharashtra, is ready to be extended to other states and government departments.

Platform Overview

The Almonds Ai e-RUPI platform facilitates a seamless and secure transactional process in compliance with NPCI regulations. It is designed to efficiently manage the distribution of funds to beneficiaries, ensuring transparency and accountability at scale.

Stakeholders and Roles

  • - Sponsors / Payors (Government/Corporate Departments)

    Initiate and fund the scheme, define the scope, and select beneficiaries.

  • - Beneficiaries

    Receive funds through a secure, digital medium without the need for a bank account.

  • - Designated Merchants (Providers)

    Accept e-RUPI vouchers as payment, offering goods/services to beneficiaries.

  • - Almonds Ai (Technology Partner)

    Provide the technological infrastructure, ensuring a robust, scalable, and compliant platform. Handle onboarding of sponsors, beneficiaries, and merchants, and offer continuous support and maintenance.


  • • Streamlined distribution and redemption process.
  • • Enhanced monitoring and reporting capabilities.
  • • Reduced leakage and increased efficiency in fund utilization.

Implementation Strategy

Our approach involves a phased rollout, beginning with a pilot in select areas, followed by a gradual expansion based on feedback and results.

Our Promise

Almonds Ai is committed to leveraging technology for good. We believe our e-RUPI platform can significantly contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of government schemes across India.

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