Essential strategies for a successful hybrid event.

Hybrid and virtual events open the event venue to a broader and extensive audience, who can attend the event in person or log in to the meeting from different time zones and at their convenience. Hybrid events have taken up an important role in event planning. They help in promoting the event, engaging the attendees, and enhancing the success of the event. But to ensure that the attendees are thoroughly engaged throughout the event, it is important to craft a thorough event strategy. Here are the top strategies to make virtual and hybrid events successful.

Strategies for successful virtual and hybrid events:

The global pandemic has brought significant changes in how brands are marketed, and events are executed. The hybrid and virtual event platforms have made brands thrive amidst the pandemic and connect them with their audience. Here are the strategies that successful virtual platforms follow.

1. Creating a definite event strategy:

Defining the event strategy is the first step in getting ahead with the virtual and hybrid event. The best virtual platforms set goals and performance indicators at the planning stage itself and align them with the interests of the target audience of the event. They will first understand the preference of their audience before defining the event format and content.

2. Concentrating on the content:

Content is always the king when it comes to immersing the audience thoroughly in the virtual event. The online audience can be attracted only through quality and engaging content that guides them through an interesting experience. Attractive and engaging content delivered in the correct format will keep the target audience attentive and seek interest in the brand message.

3. Collaborate marketing channels:

The most effective way to promote a virtual or a hybrid event is to leverage a multi-channel promotional activity and use a series of coordinated campaigns. This can range from email marketing to digital marketing, social media marketing, and PR marketing. The best virtual event platforms will tap on the right channel to target the end audience appropriately.

4. Use brand positioning techniques:

The best virtual platforms in India use the best brand positioning techniques to enhance the visibility of the event sponsors and create opportunities for the audience to engage. The best technique to follow for a virtual or a hybrid event probably is to make use of a welcome video, that fills the wait time of the attendees, a sponsored giveaway, awarded for session attendance, offering virtual goodie bags with discount coupons, user guides, etc.

5. Post-event analysis:

After the event is over, it is suggested to review how the content was received by the audience. This can be done by taking feedback from the audience. This helps in modifying the event format in the future and gaining a more satisfied audience. These satisfied audiences can well be your prospective leads.


Hybrid and virtual events have opened new possibilities for engaging brand audiences through digital content. The best hybrid event platform in India, Almond Virtex expands the horizons of brand events with its advanced digital techniques and measures event performance with its advanced digital analytics. It creates events by combining the thrill of live experience with digital engagement to help brands tap the endless possibilities of the digital world.

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