Features Of A Virtual Trade Show Platform

As businesses get used to events online, they must also find unique ways to generate more revenue through them. And, with the right partner, it is possible for companies of all sizes to host virtual trade shows and other events and watch leads being generated. 

So, how does all of this work? It starts with finding the most appropriate platform. Choosing from a list of providers who offer several features can prove quite confusing. Luckily, we have a list of useful features for you that you should pay particular attention to.

Features Of A Virtual Trade Show Platform

1. Good visuals

Imagine you walk into a traditional trade show. What you will likely find is a large number of booths dedicated to different brands. Each brand will make its best attempt to stand out with bright visuals and colors. Once you’re in the booth, it’s the task of the experts and the product marketers to interact with you. 

Your virtual trade show platform should be able to replicate almost all of this. If you’re able to pull off a lifelike experience with the attendees walking into the ‘venue’, registering at the lounge, and entering the event arena, that’s going to create a lasting impression. 

2. Customizability

While you might miss the intimacy of in-person trade shows, what you won’t miss is the pain of setting up booths, getting banners and posters printed, and the other logistical issues. 

When you go virtual, you can skip the cumbersome process of getting your booth ready. If you choose a good virtual event platform like Virtex, you can choose from a variety of pre-loaded designs or make your own. 

In fact, everything related to your event can be customized- right from your venue to your advertising banners, and everything in between. 

3. Mobile friendliness

It goes without saying that you are likely to miss out on loads of potential business if your virtual event platform does not support mobile users. Several of your attendees might be on the go and choose to attend your trade show on their mobile device. So, your virtual trade show platform must also have a mobile app and it must be quick and able to support streaming, webinars, etc.  

4. Networking features

We have spoken about this feature several times before and rate it very highly on a virtual event platform. One of the biggest advantages of in-person events is the ability to make connections and build a network. While it is much harder to replicate virtually, a common blunder to overcome in your next virtual show is assuming that your audience is listening all the time.

A good virtual event platform offers you several tools to create an atmosphere of networking among participants, speakers, and attendees. Live chats, Q&A rooms, one-on-one sessions with speakers are a few features that are a must. 

5. Good analytics

While audience engagement is a great metric to assess the success of your event, you do need more. Post event analytics give you crucial insights into the behaviours of your audience and help you plan your next course of action. In fact, we’d say that they are the bridge between finishing a huge event and getting your sales teams ready for follow-up. 

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