Five Easy Tips To Beat Boredom In Virtual Events

If you’re hosting a corporate event in 2022, you must make sure that it stands out. With screen fatigue being at an all-time high, nobody has the will to sit through a virtual webinar or workshop. Businesses need to factor in the boredom that comes with virtual workshops or events and look for ways to make their events more interactive and interesting. 

So, how does one ensure that their attendees are having fun? We think it begins with great content and a few virtual team-building activities. 

Let’s say you want to host a virtual workshop on robotics. Ask yourself if you have something truly valuable. Run-of-the-mill stuff will not work. You need original content drawn from your experiences or from those of others. 

But just content is not going to get you the desired results. You will also need to ensure it is delivered the right way. 

In fact, let’s take a look at a few creative ideas for hosting a virtual workshop. You can try these for any type of virtual event. 

1. Illustrators or graphic artists

Did you know that there are illustrators who can visually represent your entire content as you speak? So, if you’re delivering a small segment on the types of social media marketing, this illustrator can rapidly scribble a visually appealing version of the same information. This technique called digital live scribing ensures that your participants learn better and take something back to share in their circles. 

2. Creating lifelike scenarios

One of the biggest advantages of using a powerful virtual event platform is the ability to provide an immersive experience. For instance, on Virtex, you can literally replicate the look and feel of a physical venue. You can create signboards, tables, participants, halls, and much more. Now, make the whole event interactive by having your attendees drive to the venue, check in with their passes, pick the hall for their event, and so on. 

Once they are in the particular hall too, you can decide how you want to keep them engaged. You can have them ask questions, participate in quizzes, or take some action. 

3. Bring in a star

If your virtual workshop is on cooking, rope in a celebrity chef. People love to interact with stars and your event participation will definitely be worth the effort. Anyway, your participants are less likely to be bored if they are following along with the chef’s recipe.  

4. Host live competitions

For both offline and virtual events, competitions always draw big crowds. The euphoria and excitement around a contest are unbeatable and all you need to do is maintain it through the duration of your event. If you’re having a workshop on virtual reality, then it must include a contest where participants compete to design a simulation. 

5. Have at least one team-building activity

At a physical event, attendees will network. But networking becomes a little difficult when it has to be done virtually. So, be the catalyst and have a few fun-filled virtual team-building activities. Let’s say your workshop is on gardening. Make sure to include an activity where attendees work in groups to find the best natural fertilizers or something along those lines. The idea is to bring them together and have them work as a team. 

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