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Flipkart's SuperCoins Tambola: Engaging Users and Reducing Liabilities Through Interactive Gaming


Flipkart aims to engage users and encourages the consumption of SuperCoins, which were considered a liability for the app owner. By motivating users to use their accumulated SuperCoins to play Tambola, Flipkart aimed to improve customer retention and satisfaction while simultaneously reducing their liabilities.


  • - SuperCoins Liability

    Flipkart was facing the challenge of high SuperCoins liabilities as users accumulated them through purchases but were not spending them

  • - User Engagement

    The app needed a strategy to keep users engaged and active, especially in a highly competitive e-commerce environment.

  • - Incentivization

    There was a need to create an appealing incentive for users to spend their SuperCoins, making the game more attractive.


To address these challenges, Flipkart collaborated with Almonds Ai and Go Games for a comprehensive solution to launch the Tambola game on the Flipkart app.

  • - Gamified Engagement

    Almonds Ai developed a highly engaging and interactive Tambola game, which allowed users to participate and earn rewards by utilizing their SuperCoins as virtual tickets.

  • - Incentivized Participation

    To incentivize participation and SuperCoins consumption, Flipkart offered an enticing reward like iPhones to the highest scorer of the day, creating a compelling reason for users to engage and spend their SuperCoins.


The Tambola game resulted in significant engagement and consumption of SuperCoins on the Flipkart app:

  • - SuperCoins Consumption

    The Tambola game successfully encouraged users to spend their SuperCoins. Flipkart achieved unacceptably high sales of SuperCoins, effectively reducing the liability of unspent SuperCoins.

  • - User Engagement

    The Tambola game attracted a large audience, with hundreds of thousands of tickets sold. This indicates a high level of user engagement with the app.

  • - Gratifications

    Flipkart distributed gratifications (rewards or discounts) worth millions to customers, effectively reducing their SuperCoins liability while providing value to users.

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