Gamification in Virtual Event Platforms

We can’t be the judge if this pandemic era is a blessing or blight , as it led to many innovations and advanced hybridization platforms in India as well as in global working scenarios. To give the solution for meeting in person, gamification has been the saviour to connect the audience and make interactions pleasant. Gamification brings remarkable opportunities to the remote attendees in the virtual event platforms. Gamification makes your event more amusing.

Basically gamification is a platform that adds gaming mechanisms, elements, and principles to the non-gaming environment like large business interactions, online meeting tools, business management systems and websites.

Here, We will share some fun techniques for interaction to make your attendees engaging as well as give the sense of achievement of the meeting agenda. Surely these strategies will strengthen your virtual hybrid meeting attendees rate.

Techniques to dramatically gamify virtual events :

  1. Selection of event tools for gamification: choosing the right virtual event tool is essential to host virtual meetings. Virtex allows you to customize according to your requirements. There are many free as well as paid online event platforms in India like scocio, hubb, Hopin, Hubilo, Airmeet, Event Titans and many more. Try to select a platform which is easy to use and make attendees spend most of the time on and create leaderboards,feedback, and social media sharing of the insights of the reward for better participation.
  2. Team games: you can design games in a way that the whole team needs to be in connection to win the reward or points. This will aggregate achievement to the whole team engagement and this will lead to better understanding of the team members and build future relation cordial too. Usually quizzes and trivia games can be played in teams.
  3. Giveaways to online attendees: giveaways or prizes are always found out to be more captivating to grab the attention of the audience in virtual and hybrid events platforms. Hence we recommend you to add gift cards, vouchers, cash rewards, rewards equivalent to cash, mugs, cups, personalized badges , trophies ,subscriptions, certificate of participation for future prompt participation and memorable experience.
  4. Ask a question session: a well organized question and answer session encourages the audience to share their knowledge and adapt a new skill. Always initiate sharing insightful topics to discuss or set a theme/topic for questions.
    Choose a medium to receive questions from attendees like via email, website or weather is it social media. To level up the audience experience, make winners for the best questions asked and vote the best out. As a good event organizer, keep those in mind too who didn’t win the game and send them a certificate of participation or plan an activity in which they can to make other participants win, that way they keep the sense of contribution to the gamification.

To conclude:

The core of gamification is to maximize engagement to influence the business and attain certain results. Plan a gamification in a way that the audience can engage and enjoy synchronously. Adding these gamification strategies to your next event will definitely help you achieve the desired motive of the event , active audience participation and satisfied audience will become the best prompter of your business.

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