Get Started as an Online Fitness Trainer with Almond Solutions.

When we think of fitness training, we always assume that these can be done best in particular spaces with professional trainers. But the Covid-19 pandemic has shut down all such spaces, including gyms and yoga centers, and many people don’t have knowledge and equipment for exercises at home, which has increased the scope of fitness training to adopt digital mode and go online.

Almond Solutions provides you the perfect next-generation virtual platform to conduct online fitness sessions in a live and interactive way. So, if you are a fitness trainer and looking for ways to continue with your training sessions, we have a solution for you!

Here are some tips that will help you get started with your online fitness sessions:

Create your streaming setup.

Setup doesn’t mean that you need to have a studio room with HD audio-video quality products, heavy on your pocket. Start with the basic requirements like a laptop/computer or a mobile phone with necessary features such as a webcam and microphone. Along with the basic setup, there is a need to maintain a digital record of the sessions, with which Almond Solutions can help you.

Get your existing clients to enrol in virtual fitness sessions.

Reaching out to a new audience is always a good idea to increase your business. But starting your classes with your existing client base will help you work with people who already have trust in you. You can retain your clients and monitor their form, share recordings of sessions to help them improve. You can use the same recordings to tap the new audience.

Create a landing page for users to book their sessions.

If you want to set up a completely customizable landing page, Almond Solutions will be a one-stop destination for you. The event landing page will help your new and existing clients book their slots and get an understanding of what you offer.

Promotion of the event and services offered online.

With your existing clients on board, it is time to reach out to a new audience and increase your client base. Online promotion plays a crucial role in boosting your visibility among the audience. Leverage the power of social media platforms and relevant content by sharing all information related to your event and services online.

Deciding price of sessions.

After the successful creation of a landing page, decide your pricing model for the classes. The price model can be a monthly subscription for the trainees or you can charge users per session. Users who are willing to pay more can avail pre-recorded session videos on-demand, download exercise guides and diet plans, and much more.

Modify your offerings.

Along with your regular training sessions, you can choose to modify your offerings to make your sessions interactive. Almond Solutions offers many features to engage with your registered attendees, like polls for audience interaction, questions and answers, surveys for improvement of sessions, and many more.

Creating a collection of the recorded session

You can create a video collection of all your fitness sessions to make a video library. Almond Solutions allows you to insert pre-recorded videos into your live session and allows you to pay more attention to the exercise and form of your attendees.

Staying at home and join virtual fitness sessions to boost immunity and take care of health is what everyone is opting for in the current scenario. Digital platforms offer you to start your online fitness training business and host interactive sessions with the ease of functionality.

So trust your skills and leverage the virtual platforms like Almond Solutions to kick-start your virtual training business today!

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