Glossary Of Virtual And Hybrid Events Terms

If you’re new to this limitless digital world of events, fret not. It is very simple to navigate. All you need is to be aware of a few terms and how they affect event planning and organization. Here is a quick glossary of virtual and hybrid event terms that you need to know. 

AI matchmaking

It is one of the distinct advantages of using certain virtual event platform. AI matchmaking is a feature that makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) to connect attendees based on the information that they share with the platform such as their designation, previous activities, location, etc.

Breakout sessions

A breakout session takes place when a larger event allows for smaller interactions between people for a certain period of time. These sessions take place in ‘breakout rooms’ where attendees can interact and rejuvenate. 


A conference is a large gathering of people to discuss issues of common interest. It can be either in-person, virtual, or hybrid.  

Engagement tools

The backbone of any type of virtual or hybrid event, engagement tools help keep the audience invested in the event. Using these tools, they can consume content and share their thoughts with the business hosting the event. A few examples are chat, live polls, quizzes, Q&A discussions, etc.

Event app

Event apps are a great way to ensure high levels of engagement even before the event. These apps contain all the information related to the event, allow attendees to register and complete their profiles, connect with others on the app, play games, ask questions, and much more. They must be quick, easy to navigate and integrate with other systems. 


By turning engagement activities into games with leaderboards and winners, businesses can make events more engaging and exciting for their attendees. 

Hybrid event

A hybrid event combines both in-person and virtual elements. Any event can be made hybrid using a good hybrid event platform, such as vFairs, Airmeet, Hopin, Eventcube, Almond Virtex. For instance, awards show with only 100 in-person attendees and the remaining joining virtually. 

In-person event

An in-person event is one where attendees physically come together at a venue. For instance, a conference or a book launch. 

Live streaming

Live streaming is the act of capturing in-person events and broadcasting them to virtual attendees. A close analogy would be TV viewers enjoying a match live. 


The main purpose of any event, networking is an activity where attendees or participants connect on common interests. They may continue to keep the connection alive long after the event is done. 

On-demand video

Most businesses, in addition to streaming their events, also record them and edit and ready them up for on-demand viewing on their websites. 


If you are looking to attend an event, you will need to register for it. This registration can be either online or offline depending on the type of event. Businesses will ask for basic information and may sometimes need you to provide more specific details such as your interests, professional qualifications, and so on. 

Virtual event

A virtual event is one that takes place virtually through a virtual event platform such as Virtex. These platforms have features such as chats, Q&A, games, and polls, and also address virtual events FAQs for attendees. Any event can be made virtual. 

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