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Yaari Forever: Amplifying Online Engagements for Stronger Brand Recall and Insights


Godfrey Phillips India (GPI) aimed to enhance brand recall, drive cost-effective engagements, and gain valuable insights through an innovative digital concert program.


Recognizing the need for more efficient and insightful engagement strategies, GPI sought to transition from traditional offline programs to a digital platform for better reach and measurable impact.


The "Yaari Forever" digital concert program was designed to create lasting memories, strengthen brand loyalty, and capitalize on the advantages of online engagements. The platform offered live streaming, user interaction, gamification, real-time analytics, and user referral features.


The Yaari Forever digital concert program showcased remarkable results, underlining the benefits of online engagements:

  •   Over 100,000 logins, demonstrating high user engagement and reach.
  •   More than 200,000 page views, indicating widespread participation and interest.
  •   50,000+ unique logins, highlighting the program's popularity and reach.
  •   5,000+ referrals, showcasing organic growth and community-driven promotion.
  •   Average view time of 15 minutes, signifying strong user interest and enjoyment.
  •   Over 25,000 hours spent by viewers, revealing significant user engagement and brand immersion


Yaari Forever exemplifies GPI's commitment to leveraging digital platforms for cost-effective engagements, enhanced brand recall, and valuable insights. By embracing online engagements, GPI transformed its approach, realizing the advantages of better reach, measurable impact, and valuable data analytics. The success of Yaari Forever highlights the brand's evolution in adapting to the digital landscape and unlocking the full potential of online engagements for stronger brand connections.

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