How Can Companies Organize A Virtual Family Day?

Studies show that companies that are more family-centric have happier and more productive employees. It is understandable that employees whose families are cared for by their companies will want to do their best. 

So, how can a family-centric company connect thousands of employees and their families across the globe through a single corporate event? It may seem like a daunting task, but with the right planning and execution, your company might just be able to pull off something extraordinary!

So, here are a few simple steps to organizing the perfect virtual family day.

  • Decide your reach 
  • Figure out a theme to make your event relevant 
  • Identify a suitable platform 
  • Finalize the duration of your event 
  • Have a ‘WOW’ factor to hook your audience
  • Use gamification in virtual event platforms 
  • Promote your event in the right manner 

1. Decide your reach

If you are an organization with thousands of employees who are spread over different geographic regions, you may have to organize more than one virtual team event. We recommend that you host multiple events because time and cultural differences cannot be ignored especially when families and little children are involved. If you can only host one event, then pick a time and reach that covers most of your employee population. 

2. Figure out a relevant theme

The downside to large-scale events is picking the right theme. Superman may be big in one country but in certain others, it might be another superhero. Similarly, English may not be the preferred language for all your employees and their families. Again, making your event as ‘local’ as possible ensures that you receive good participation. 

3. Identify a suitable platform

If you are hosting several corporate events in different regions, then you need a platform that is customizable. Not all virtual event platforms offer the same flexibility. If you are looking to make your event rustic and locally relevant, pick a 100% customizable platform like Virtex. Not only can you tweak the features to suit your needs, but you also have a support team to help with outreach and marketing. 

4. Finalize the duration of your event

Virtual events can become abnormally long especially if your agenda is not relevant to the audience attending. So, decide on a duration. Get a count of how many children are attending and decide accordingly. Children have shorter attention spans, so we recommend that you stick to two hours at the most. 

If you have a longer list of items to finish, then spread the event out to three or even four days with a grand finale on the last day.

5. Have a ‘WOW’ factor to hook your audience

It is not easy to keep children entertained. So, make sure to include several ‘WOW’ elements in your events. It could be a virtual magic show or a puppet show. These could take place when audience engagement is expected to lower. It could be at the end of a segment, or on the final day of your event. 

6. Use gamification in virtual event platforms

Kids love games, but so do adults. Platforms like Virtex give you 100% customization to make and create games of your choice. Ensure that your participants are engaged through these games, so make them interactive and have exciting rewards ready. 

7. Promote your event in the right manner

Before the actual event commences, you will need to create some buzz around it. Make use of social media promotion tools on virtual platforms. You can also use your Intranet to promote the event. Make things more relatable to your audience by featuring families of your employees in your promo videos. 

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