How to choose a virtual event platform for the virtual concert.

Covid-19 pandemic has changed the event industry and virtual events have made a place for themselves by conducting different engaging events. Concerts are a good example of virtual events activity that can reach people globally.
For a successful virtual event, all aspects of the event should be considered such as set up, ticketing, management, marketing and more. As a next-generation webinar and virtual events platform, Almond Solutions supports hybrid events with all the features which are important for an online concert.

What you should look for in you virtual events platform?

Capability of providing high quality streaming.

To conduct a successful concert, you need to make sure the virtual experience you are offering to the audience is extraordinary, therefore you should always look for a virtual events platform that allows high-quality audio and video streaming.

Features to engage with your audience.

With the ongoing performances in the concert, it is also important to engage with the audience throughout. Almond Solutions offers many features like round tables, café and game zones, surveys and polls, live interaction with the audience and many more to keep your audience engaged.

Event Analytics.

Choose a platform that’ll help in analysing the engagement and behaviour of your audience. This will help you in gaining event insights, make necessary changes, and plan future events more efficiently.

Support large audience gathering.

To ensure no issue or failure happen during the event streaming, the virtual event platform you have chosen must have a bandwidth to host a large number of people without crashing. The platform should be hosted on a secure cloud and poised to scale quickly to deliver a successful event.

Event Marketing and Promotion.

If you want your event to be successful, you need to make sure that it reaches as many people as possible. Almond Solutions have in-built invitations and emailers along with in-built registration and automated email reminders for registered attendees.

Choosing an ideal platform for your virtual events will require a little initial effort and investment but at the same time a seamless and successful event will result in good ROI by ensuring global reach.

Current scenarios have increased the demand of virtual events and people are choosing to attend different virtual concerts actively that they can enjoy from the convenience of their home. NOW is the time to leverage the benefits of virtual events!

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