How To Enhance Engagement Rate In Virtual Hiring Events

Virtual event platforms have helped businesses to such a large extent that a career fair can be organized at the click of a button. While it saves time and money for the company, it also makes plenty of opportunities available to nervous and sometimes travel-averse job aspirants. 

However, with virtual being the norm now, how do you attract and engage the best talent at your next virtual job fair

Luckily for you, we have put together a few time-tested tips on how to organize a successful job fair and keep your attendees engaged. 

1. Promote your event in the right manner

You must start promoting your event at least four to six weeks in advance. This allows you a long time to establish brand recall. 

Use different social media platforms and email to communicate with your prospects. Focus on witty and powerful messaging while pushing your prospects to take action. If it is a job fair that you are hosting, then consider partnering with your participants to also host shorter pre-event workshops to help applicants prepare. Don’t forget to finish it off with an incentive to attend the actual event. 

2. Choosing the right virtual event platform

When it comes to choosing the right virtual event platform in India, always make sure to pick one which mimics real-world scenarios. Today’s platforms allow you to create a simulation of your venue complete with halls, lounges, banners, floors, etc. In fact, event technology has advanced so much that you can walk up to someone on an event platform and strike up a conversation. 

Primarily, you need a platform that can be customized to fit your needs and has good engagement and networking tools. 

3. Support your participants with bright booths

For your virtual job fair, you need the same vibe that an in-person job fair would have. Help your participants set up interesting booths that include attractive videos, quizzes, interactive games, short tips, etc. There are some virtual platforms such as vFairs, Almond Virtex, Hopin, Airmeet gives you the facility to customize your booth according to your brand’s look and feel. Using brand colors will help your participants level up their brand appeal as well. 

4. Employ more networking options

One of the biggest benefits of job fairs is networking. Make use of interesting AI-based features to match attendees to participants, breakout rooms, and the like which will ramp up interactions and help aspirants find a job that they like and your participants find a suitable employee.  

5. Leverage social media

If your job fair is being attended by a younger group of aspirants, then utilize social media tools to your advantage. From setting up an event page to posting updates, questions, polls, videos, spotlight captures, the list goes on. You could take engagement a notch higher by getting your attendees to use their LinkedIn or Instagram handles to register and tag them in posts that are relevant to them. 

From a live job board to playing treasure or scavenger hunts and solving puzzles together, there is a lot you can do to boost engagement among attendees. Another effective way is to introduce goodie bags from different participants. Events with better incentives usually have a higher engagement rate too. 

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