How To Organize A Successful Virtual Job Fair?

Today, virtual recruitment or career fairs are being considered a profitable way of meeting with potential employees, sharing their company’s vision, philosophy, and showing a sneak peek into their culture. 

So, when a well-known name in remote and hybrid jobs, FlexJobs hosted a virtual career fair in January 2022, it became a smashing success. After all, virtual events are cost-effective, easier to organize, and have a far wider reach. 

The far-reaching impact of virtual events can also prove to be a thorn in your side because of the quality of leads you generate. In this case, you want your virtual job fair to attract the best talent so that participants can recruit successfully. But, how do you drive attendance for your virtual event? 

Getting more qualified leads is always about making the right choices. And it all begins with the platform. 

Organizing A Successful Virtual Job Fair

1. Choose the right platform

Businesses are quite spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding on the right event platform. However, it’s quite easy to get struck by the paradox of choice. Every virtual event platform today claims to be the best and offers personalized experiences. However, you must do your homework. 

Choose a platform that is flexible, easy to operate, provides plenty of engagement options like live chat, HD video streaming, polls, quizzes, individual booths, etc.   

2. Set up your objectives and strategy

Everything that you do will be driven by these two factors. So, be sure of the number of participants you expect, what you want them to gain, what your budget is, how long your career fair is going to last, and so on. 

3. Make a team and start pitching

Once you have a plan in place, you must start executing it. You need a solid support system to help pitch your event to businesses and if you don’t have your own team, you can always choose event platforms that help with pre-event legwork. For instance, Virtex has a team that can also do outreach for your event. 

4. Promote your event

Now that you have a list of participant organizations, you need attendees, who are preferably seeking jobs or information related to certain jobs. This is a crucial stage because you need the right people for your event. A few platforms in India can provide you with tools to promote your event through social media by segmenting your target audience and designing tailor-made campaigns for them. 

5. Engage with your audience

Once it has begun, how are going to drive participation for your virtual job fair? When you choose your virtual event platform, you must also hold it accountable for its usability. 

For instance, can it really be personalized to mimic the feel of a real job fair- all with a large convention hall, booths, stalls, banners, attendees walking around, etc? 

Similarly, can the platform customize your booth to provide the attendees a 3-D experience of an interview, or an interaction with recruiters? 

Platforms like Virtex are constantly innovating and building a strong AI-powered base to help companies provide immersive and lifelike experiences to their attendees. 

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