Hybrid Events Bring Savings, Sustainability, and Greater ROI

By now we all know how amazing hybrid events can be in offering the best of both worlds. And they are increasingly becoming a part of every event marketer’s repertoire for the simple fact that they can cut costs and increase savings, are sustainable, and can be used effectively for greater RoI.

It all begins with choosing the right hybrid event platform. Pick one that allows for interaction between both groups of audiences and can be customized according to your needs.

Here is how hybrid events can bring savings, sustainability, and greater RoI.

Lower cost and higher reach

We already are aware that virtual events have a much wider reach than their in-person counterparts. And this applies to hybrid events as well. A wider reach ensures a higher attendance and participation rate. And it’s the 21st century where every business needs a global presence and can benefit from it.

In addition to the massive reach, hybrid events can also prove to be less expensive. This is because they can either eliminate or size down several overhead costs associated with in-person events like venue, equipment, logistics, catering, and so on. With a hybrid event, you can choose a smaller venue and restrict the number of in-person attendees. So, you will end up paying less without compromising the quality of your event.

Lower costs and higher reach means more saving and higher RoI. Moreover, the hybrid model is also quite sustainable because the Internet is only expanding. In fact, it won’t be long before hybrid events move into the metaverse. Some hybrid event platforms like Almond Virtex, Hopin, Airmeet, Hubilo, Eventcube are already experimenting with it.

Flexibility and innovation

Corporate event planners can have more flexibility with different event technology. It is growing at a rapid pace. The introduction of immersive experiences through hybrid event platforms has made it easier to replicate the experience of walking into a real venue, talking to other attendees, listening to speakers, asking questions, and so on. And event marketers don’t have to pay through their noses for that to happen. That’s how innovation brings savings!

If you want an event that boosts brand awareness, you can have it. If you want to improve lead generation and enhance sales revenue, your event can be customized accordingly. So, you then can target your audiences, curate content, and provide bespoke experiences. Happier audiences means higher chances of them wanting to associate with your company. So, flexibility brings you both sustainability and RoI.

Now that you understand how hybrid events can be advantageous, let’s look at a few ways that you can maximize their benefits.

Work with a budget. You might save up by cutting down on the in-person attendance and venue, but you will still need to spend on a good virtual event platform. Be smart about it and choose a platform that is within your budget. Also, have a checklist for choosing a hybrid event venue. It will help shortlist venues.

Finish off your bookings in advance- venue, catering, photography, etc. You might even receive an early bird discount.

Get your sponsorship packages ready and make the benefits very clear. Show your sponsors the amount of visibility and possible revenue that they can earn through your event. This will eventually improve your own RoI.

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