Is a hybrid event suitable for your organization?

A hybrid event makes use of a combination of in-person and digital strategies to optimize audience experiences and to reach the target audience better. Every single aspect of hybrid events is designed and personalized for the audience and focuses on deriving optimal ROI. The ultimate aim of the hybrid event platform is to connect the brand with its local and international audiences. Event organizers realize that hybrid events are the way towards the future and are adopted by many organizations as it enhances their flexibility in operations and helps them to network better. So should your organization be conducting a hybrid event? Read through to explore.

Is the hybrid event platform suitable for your organization – things to consider:

Hybrid events are a mix of live and virtual events and can be performed with accessible technology. They require years of experience and expertise, and a credible hybrid event organizer like Virtex will get it done with accessible technology and within your budget. They will add a virtual component to your live events so that your audience can participate in the event, no matter where they are. If brand engagement is what you are looking for, then you should leverage hybrid events as engagement is its active ingredient.

Virtex offers the best hybrid event platform in India, that focuses on the seamless integration of technology to enhance the participation of live and virtual audiences. Hybrid events treat your live and online audience equally and ensure that they get the best out of the event. Here are some advantages that you derive from hybrid events.

1. Improves audience reach:

By hosting a hybrid event, you are enhancing attendance for your event, who are your future leads. It has the potential to influence that audience, who were not prepared to attend the event. And there is a 23% chance that the attendees of the event will be attending the future events by the organizer, compounding the reach and attendance of current and future events.

2. Better audience engagement:

When you host a hybrid event, you get your virtual audience to participate in the event actively from their mobile, computers, and other gadgets. They are actively interacting with the event through their likes, shares, and comments. You can also conduct live polls during the session or could have a doubt clearing session with the speaker. All these ensure that your audience interacts with the event (and your brand) and don’t remain as mere spectators.

3. Yields sponsorship opportunities:

About 70% of the corporate sponsors will be interested in attending a hybrid event if they can effectively reach their audience. Hybrid events help sponsors improve their reach and they can communicate with them live. It helps them seek new opportunities and brings trusted collaborations for your organization.


By hosting hybrid events, your organization can reduce travel costs, contribute positively to the environment, and above all keep your marketing pipeline stuffed for at least a year. If you think your organization requires a hybrid event, contact Virtex, the best platform for Hybrid events in India. Virtex will organize the event for you by making use of the best and advanced tools and software platforms and helps you connect with your targets better.

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