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Unleashing Pet-Food Sampling Innovation: Nestle Purina's WhatsApp Revolution by Almonds Ai


Nestle Purina, in collaboration with Almonds Ai, embarked on a mission to conquer the pet-food market by introducing a revolutionary WhatsApp-based sampling strategy. Their aim was to entice cautious pet owners, gather valuable feedback, and create a buzz within the industry.


Establishing a presence in the competitive pet-food market required breaking through the barriers of skepticism and effectively sampling the product to wary pet owners. Nestle Purina needed a reliable feedback mechanism to understand customer preferences and drive brand loyalty.


Almonds Ai, renowned for their expertise in digital innovation, devised a game-changing solution. They created a verified WhatsApp channel, strategically promoted through offline stores, vet clinics, and mass advertising. Pet owners, curious to try Nestle Purina's pet-food, were invited to engage with an automated conversation mechanism within the Almonds Ai-powered channel.


The impact of Nestle Purina's digital sampling revolution, powered by Almonds Ai, was nothing short of remarkable:

  •   Over 500,000 registrations flooded in, showcasing the overwhelming interest and engagement from pet owners eager to sample the product.
  •   A staggering 70% of participants expressed positive sentiments, revealing the irresistible appeal and quality of Nestle Purina's pet-food.
  •   20% of participants became loyal returning customers, highlighting the success of the sampling strategy in fostering brand loyalty.


Nestle Purina's WhatsApp revolution, driven by Almonds Ai's digital expertise, disrupted the pet-food market. By leveraging the power of WhatsApp and Almonds Ai's innovative technology, Nestle Purina not only captured the attention of cautious pet owners but also gained valuable insights and customer feedback. This breakthrough strategy forged a strong brand connection, fostering loyalty among pet owners and propelling Nestle Purina to the forefront of the industry. The partnership with Almonds Ai proved instrumental in delivering an impactful and seamless digital sampling experience, setting new standards in the pet-food market.

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