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Fizzing Up Retailer Engagement with the Innovative Pepsi Blue Club Program


PepsiCo, a global leader in the beverage industry, recognized the importance of retailer engagement in driving sales and brand loyalty. However, traditional Excel-based schemes and engagement activities were falling short of expectations. Retailers were not actively participating, and the manual management of points and rewards was proving to be cumbersome for both PepsiCo and VBL team and the retailers themselves


  • 1. Lack of engagement from retailers due to uninspiring rewards and cumbersome redemption process.
  • 2. Difficulty in managing points and rewards effectively using Excel-based systems.
  • 3. Retailers expressing dissatisfaction with the manual handling of the program, leading to complaints about mismanagement.


Pepsi Blue Club Platform In response to these challenges, PepsiCo and VBL sought an innovative solution to streamline the engagement process, provide aspirational rewards, and enhance overall user experience. They partnered with Almonds Ai, a leading technology provider, to develop the Pepsi Blue Club platform.

    Key Features:

  • - Digital Redemption Platform

    Pepsi Blue Club is a digital redemption platform accessible via web and mobile. Retailers can easily log in using their phone number and OTP, providing them with instant access to their profiles and accumulated points.

  • - Real-Time Points Tracking

    The platform offers real-time tracking of points earned by retailers for every sale of PepsiCo products. This transparency eliminates the need for manual record-keeping and ensures accuracy in point accumulation.

  • - Aspirational Catalogue

    Pepsi Blue Club features an extensive catalogue of over 400 aspirational products. These products range from electronics and appliances to lifestyle and travel experiences, offering retailers a diverse array of rewards to choose from.

  • - User-Friendly Interface

    The platform boasts a user-friendly interface, allowing retailers to navigate seamlessly and effortlessly redeem their points for desired rewards. Each product in the catalogue is accompanied by detailed descriptions and images, enhancing the browsing and selection experience.

  • - Automated Redemption Process

    Upon selecting a reward, retailers can initiate the redemption process directly through the platform. The backend system efficiently processes redemption requests and facilitates the delivery of rewards to the designated recipients.


  • - Increased Retailer Engagement

    The introduction of Pepsi Blue Club has resulted in a significant boost in retailer engagement. Retailers are actively participating in the program, motivated by the prospect of redeeming aspirational rewards.

  • - Efficient Points Management

    The automated tracking and management of points have streamlined operations for both PepsiCo and VBL team and retailers. The elimination of manual processes has reduced errors and improved overall efficiency.

  • - Enhanced User Satisfaction

    Retailers express high satisfaction with the Pepsi Blue Club platform, citing its user-friendly interface, diverse reward options, and seamless redemption process. Complaints regarding mismanagement have significantly decreased.

  • - Positive Brand Perception

    PepsiCo's proactive approach to enhancing retailer engagement through innovative technology has reinforced its image as a forward-thinking and customer-centric organization.


By leveraging the power of technology and innovation, PepsiCo has successfully transformed its retailer engagement strategy with the introduction of the Pepsi Blue Club platform. The platform's user-centric design, aspirational rewards, and streamlined processes have not only increased retailer participation but also strengthened brand loyalty and perception. As PepsiCo continues to prioritize customer engagement and satisfaction, the Pepsi Blue Club platform stands as a testament to its commitment to excellence in the beverage industry.

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