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Growth Club Retailer Loyalty Program for PepsiCo and Varun Beverages Limited


In the dynamic landscape of the beverage industry, staying ahead requires more than just great products; it demands innovative strategies to engage and motivate their channel partners. Enter PepsiCo and VBL, a titan in the field, seeking a game-changing solution to revolutionize its engagement approach. With a desire for transformation, PepsiCo and VBL turned to Almonds Ai, a leading loyalty and rewards solutions company, to navigate the seas of challenge and emerge victorious.


PepsiCo and VBL's journey began with a realization: their traditional engagement methods were falling short in a fast-paced digital world. Excel-based solutions proved archaic and inefficient, unable to inspire or motivate their salesforce. The lack of real-time insights left stakeholders groping in the dark, while delayed gratification only served to dampen morale. Manual processes further compounded their woes, stifling progress and hindering collaboration. Amidst these challenges, PepsiCo and VBL were seeking partner who would help them their engagement strategy and reignite the spark of enthusiasm among their retail channel partners.

End-to-end Solution Provided by Almonds Ai

Almonds Ai crafted a bespoke mobile and web interface, the "Growth Club," as the conduit for transformation. Through this digital marvel, stakeholders found a utopia of engagement.

  • - Mobile App Interface

    Almonds Ai developed a user-friendly app, the "Growth Club," as a central hub for engagement activities and information.

  • - KYC Profile Management

    Efficient management of user-profiles facilitated personalized engagement experiences.

  • - Schemes and Points System

    Real-time updates on sales schemes incentivized higher sales target achievement.

  • - Audit System

    The app enabled users to upload store audits, earning points for compliance and enhancing brand visibility.

  • - Gamification

    Engaging games and challenges fostered a competitive spirit, driving increased participation and performance.

  • - Performance Tracking

    Real-time insights into performance empowered stakeholders to identify and address performance gaps promptly.

  • - Timely Delivery

    Seamless coordination ensured prompt delivery of redemption gifts, reinforcing motivation.

  • - Points Accrual

    Almonds Ai integrated into PepsiCo system and based on invoices points were accrual.

  • - Reward Redemption

    A diverse range of rewards and redemption options, ranging from merchandise to travel vouchers.


  • - Better Engagements

    The mobile app led to a significant increase in engagement levels among sales teams and channel partners.

  • - Higher Performance

    Real-time performance tracking enabled stakeholders to identify and address performance gaps promptly.

  • - Enhanced Motivation

    Timely gratification and varied redemption options revitalized motivation among stakeholders.

  • - Streamlined Operations

    Automation of processes reduced manual efforts, leading to operational efficiency.

  • - Stronger Relationships

    The platform facilitated stronger relationships between PepsiCo VBL and its partners, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

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