Proven ways to engage your guests in hybrid events:

With the introduction of vaccines and the incidence of the pandemic reducing considerably, the year 2022 is witnessing a tremendous increase in hybrid events. The hybrid events happen both physically and virtually and manage both audiences simultaneously. Though it offers the best of both worlds, there are chances of less audience engagement in hybrid events. With the right hybrid event platform and appropriate engagement tools, it is possible to engage the audience throughout the event.

Some tips for engaging the audience in the hybrid event:

There are many options to make a hybrid event work. There are many excellent ways to enhance engagement, from online quizzes to scavenger hunts. Let’s discuss some of these techniques here.

1. Schedule the hybrid event smartly:

Hybrid events are a blend of a physical and virtual audience. It might be easy for the physical audience to attend long sessions, as they take breaks in between. For the virtual audience, it is hard to sit with the gadget for long hours. Thus, hybrid events demand smart scheduling to retain audience interest and participation. 

It is optimal to conduct shorter and more frequent sessions. Try to start and finish the virtual sessions earlier. Conduct quiz and contests with rewards during the break sessions so that the virtual audience comes back even after leaving for breaks. 

2. Create small groups for effective mingling:

Some attendees find it hard to speak in front of a large audience. Hence, dividing the audience into small groups to encourage conversation. Use networking lounges and special digital lobbies to accomplish this task. 

Choose a hybrid event platform that offers live chat and video call options to connect with the in-person guests and the speakers. It offers opportunities for virtual and in-person guests to chat with each other. This helps in better networking and, in turn, fosters engagement. This engagement strategy should be prepared early in the planning process to avoid last-minute work.

3. Enhance networking opportunities between in-person and online attendees:

In the hybrid event, both the online and in-person attendees should get the opportunity to network with each other. They should also get the opportunity to interact with the panelists. Accomplish this by,

  • Using polls, breakout rooms, live chats, and games to create the highest level of interaction. 
  • Share the contact details of key speakers so that the attendees seek a chance to communicate and interact with them. 
  • Appoint a virtual host or a moderator to engage the virtual audience. They also serve as a bridge of communication between both the audience. 

4. Incorporate interactive activities in the hybrid event:

Interacting with the audience is one of the most effective ways to engage them. Some online event ideas to break the ice and encourage the online audience to speak are 

  • Speaking to them directly and addressing them by their name.
  • Inviting them to respond to questions
  • Invite them on the stage to express their thoughts. 
  • Give a chance for the virtual audience to voice their opinions and present them on the screen.
  • Allowing the on-site attendees to speak with the online participants and vice versa.

Use the interactive services offered in the event app and the event platform. Use them to display the poll results in real-time and announce rewards for the winners in real-time. Rewards are the best ways to foster engagement and improve retention rates.

The hybrid event platform plays a crucial role in driving engagement in the hybrid event. Almond Virtex offers an exceptional hybrid event platform with a seamless networking experience for the attendees. It’s high-end streaming capabilities and digital networking suite keep the event running smoothly for virtual and in-person events. The platform keeps the event planners organized starting from registration until the end card is displayed. 

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