Some best event planning tips for a grand product launch

Launching a new product in the market is an essential milestone in the progress of a business. It takes considerable time to craft the product prototypes and the teams ponder enough research and development in getting the final product ready. It is thus pivotal to decide on the product launch strategy and take it to the maximum audience to help it achieve massive success. Announcing the new product through a hybrid event platform will be a sure hit as it reaches both the in-person and remote audience. The audience also gets to have a thorough knowledge of the product right at their first contact when hosted through a hybrid event. 

Event planning tips for product launches:

Regardless of the industry and the product type to be launched, it is possible to plan memorable product launches through a hybrid event platform. Here are some proven tips for a successful product launch through hybrid event platforms.

1. Create the hype around the product before the actual product launch:

Promotion is mandatory than product production to reach the right audience. Anticipation is the key to successful product promotion. Instead of announcing all product information in the first announcement, leave plenty of product clues before the day of the launch. Kindle the curiosity in people and leave them guessing about the product. You can create this hype either on social media or directly on the contact’s email. You can always get the contact details of the attendees from the hybrid event agency.

2. Engage the audience during the launch through surveys and polling techniques:

Engage the audience through quizzes, questions, and surveys throughout the event, offer them an interactive platform and help them get to know the product better. The best hybrid event platform like Virtex offers an immersive hybrid event experience through its live interaction tools. It leverages immersive audience engagement tools such as polls, surveys, and notifications to create a wholesome event experience. 

The content of the event is very important as it is tough to keep the virtual audience engaged before the computer screen for a long time. Incorporate live polls, and Q/A sessions to keep the virtual audience engaged. And keep the sessions short to not sound boring.

3. Create one on one interactions through virtual exhibitions

Hybrid events need not be a group event essentially. Try creating a one-on-one interactive experience to give a clear insight into the product. You can take advantage of their live streaming techniques of the event platform and host completely interactive one-on-one experiences. Apart from being a fun and creative campaign, it will achieve tangible results for the brand. A competent hybrid event platform like Virtex offers the required technology to conduct numerous such individual sessions simultaneously to help the product reach a broad audience base. 

4. Partner with influencers:

Influencers are the key that opens the product to the world of prospects. Partnering with a valuable and trusted influencer can be helpful in taking the product to its leads directly. You can also try partnering with another product, relevant to your product, to gain the interest and the attention of its audience as well, without much effort.

5. Host AR integrated launch events:

Inculcating augmented reality and other artificial intelligence tools in your virtual event is a fantastic idea to grab the audience’s attention. Virtual event platforms like Almond Virtex offer interactive 3D experiences to render unique and personal product experiences for the attendees. It can be integrated in the presentation or be made a part of the digital booth to achieve longer dwell times and better engagement. 


Choosing the best hybrid event platform is a pro-tip for a successful product launch. Hybrid event agencies like Almond Virtex offer their clients exceptional online event ideas to create stunning product launches. It serves as a unique platform to connect the audience with the brand and helps in achieving your objectives. It not just stops with ideas but deals with analytics to measure the event’s success. 

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