Some fun ideas to get your online Holi celebration work

The festival of colours is near, bidding farewell to the winter season. This great festival is celebrated throughout India by kids and adults alike. But the pandemic curbed people inside their homes, preventing them from enjoying colours and water. Even the working population misses the fun of playing with friends and colleagues and celebrating their joy of life. 

What if we say that you could still be a part of a grand Holi celebration connecting your colleagues from different geographies? What if you could still dance, play with colours and conduct an antakshari game to add more fun to the celebration? Yes, hosting a virtual Holi party has been immensely popular in recent times, while there is a restriction on physical gatherings. And a competent virtual event platform can make this a reality, keeping the essence of Holi celebrations intact. 

How to celebrate Holi virtually?

Holi is a festival that reminds us of dancing all through the day in colour and waters and enjoying with friends in soaked clothes. Feasting on Gujiyas and dahi bhallas and gulping chilled thandai was all we knew. Now that such celebrations are not happening in offices and public places, we could still keep our spirits and celebrate the festival. Here are some ultimate virtual Holi celebration ideas to host stunning Holi parties during the pandemic.

1. Virtual Rang Trakshri

What is a celebration without music and dance? Just because Holi is hosted virtually, it is not right to starve great music. Divide the attendees into groups and play Rang Trakshri, the younger sibling of Antrakshri by making them sing songs. Get an emcee on board to initiate the teams to sing songs from different starting letters. The team that fails to sing a song, starting from the letter given by the Emcee loses a point. Music is eternal to bring festive vibes in any event, and Holi shouldn’t be an exception. Playing with songs also helps the teams relax and have a fun day at work.

2. Online dance parties:

The Holi celebrations would be incomplete without an online dance party. After all, festivals are all about letting yourself enjoy the beats of great music. Choose the best virtual event agency that supports virtual dance shows and competitions. Imagine the attendees dancing to the rhythms and enjoying the moment; it makes the celebration interesting. You can also get a professional dancer on board to execute great dance moves. 

3. Scavenger hunts:

Treasure hunts add more enthusiasm to the Holi celebrations. A virtual treasure hunt keeps the participants on their feet and entertains them. You can offer instant gratifications to reward the participants for their interest. Choose a platform that delivers multiple sessions simultaneously to perform great scavenger hunts.

4. Relaxing Holi concert:

End the online celebrations with relaxing music shows to entertain the participants. You can stream a recorded video or indulge in a Live Holi performance. Allow the participants to react through emojis in the chat option. You can also allow the talented singers in your group to perform with the live band.

Compliment your Holi celebrations with a compatible virtual event platform:

Choosing the best virtual event platform is the first step to creating great virtual experiences that the attendees will remember. Choose an all-in-one platform that offers robust hosting features such as live streaming, color full virtual booths, live chat, gamification, etc. 

Choose a platform with Holi-themed virtual booths that is open for customization. It should offer the attendees a close to real-world experience. Virtual platforms like Virtex hosts 3-D virtual booths and gives attendees a close-to real-world experience. It helps create a fabulous party for the colleagues, full of fun and entertainment.

Almond Virtex’s virtual platform offers several live tools to make the virtual Holi celebration a grand success. Its instant video chat options allow the attendees to video chat with the panelists and organizers. Its cafe and games zone offers enjoyable and entertaining experiences to keep the excitement high. Connect your teams around such celebrations to keep their spirits high with the Almond Virtex virtual platform. After all, this is what festivals and celebrations are for. 

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