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Superbond's Karigar Samarpan: Strengthening Connections and Empowering Channel Partners Across India


Superbond, a leading adhesives brand, aimed to strengthen its connection with its vital channel partners, carpenters and contractors, across India. Through the ‘Karigar Samarpan’ loyalty program, Superbond sought to move beyond traditional transactions and build stronger connections with these individuals, fostering advocacy for Superbond within their communities.


  • - Lack of Engagement

    Building and sustaining engagement with Karigars and contractors across PAN India (20K+ pin codes) was challenging due to varying needs and preferences of different regions and professionals.

  • - Disconnected Customer Relationships

    There was a need for a platform to better connect with channel partners and create a sense of community among Karigars and contractors.

  • - Reward Mechanism

    Establishing a rewards system that could efficiently cater to different user preferences and provide instant and appealing benefits was essential.

  • - Complexities in Scheme Management

    Developing and managing dynamic schemes that were meaningful and relevant to the target audience proved to be a hurdle.


Superbond partnered with Almonds Ai to develop the "Karigar Samarpan" loyalty program, a mobile application featuring:

  • - Digital KYC

    Seamless onboarding for karigars with a user-friendly digital registration process.

  • - Instant Rewards

    Real-time points awarded for purchases, encouraging continued use of Superbond products.

  • - Dynamic Schemes

    Flexible reward programs tailored to specific needs and preferences of karigars.

  • - Scan to Earn

    Easy point accumulation through product scans, simplifying participation.

  • - Redemption Options

    Flexibility to redeem points for physical products or UPI transfers, catering to diverse preferences.


  • - Increased Engagement

    The loyalty program led to improved engagement with 25,000+ karigars on the platform, building a community centered around Super Bond products.

  • - Enhanced Brand Loyalty

    Through personalized rewards and benefits, the program fostered strong brand loyalty among channel partners.

  • - Higher Redemption Rates

    The diverse redemption options and instant rewards system resulted in higher redemption rates among users.

  • - Strengthened Brand Advocacy

    Karigars and contractors, being more satisfied with the program, became brand advocates, amplifying Super Bond's message within their communities.


The "Karigar Samarpan" program, powered by Almonds Ai, demonstrates the success of a well-designed loyalty program in building strong relationships with channel partners. By recognizing the value of karigars and offering them a platform for engagement and rewards, Superbond has secured not only loyal customers but also brand advocates across India.

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