ATechnos Confiderates with Cloudbanter

The technological revolution has somehow affected the gaming industry in a very constructive manner and has given a massive breakthrough to game developers who are eager enough to portray their skills and persuade the gamer. Today, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality games are the hottest trend in gaming as they are providing more intense and realistic action. UK Game Industry is the fastest growing sector in AR and VR games.

AR and VR are the ways the tech can change the world you look at. The terms can be confusing and sometimes people think they are same but actually, they are not. Augmented Reality is defined as the superimposition of a computer-generated image on a users view of the real world. The primary value of AR is that it brings components of the digital world into a persons perception of the real world. AR is used in apps for smartphones and tablets. AR apps use your phones camera to show you a view of the real world in front of you and then putting a layer of information including text and/or images on top of the view.On the other hand, Virtual Reality is defined as the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment. Its a creation of a virtual environment presented to our senses in such a way that we experience it as if we were really there. A new innovation in this technology is VR 360-degree which gives you an omnipresent view of the simulated reality.
India, one of the worlds largest youth populations is audacious to be on the top in the worlds gaming sector but it is still in the process to make its mark. The growth is expected in the next five years.
Abhay Techno Services Private Limited (ATechnoS) has taken a very greathearted initiative to explore itself in the gaming zone. It has developed numerous AR and VR android games like AR Car Crash, AR Cricket, AR Fighting, AR Asteroid Planet etc. which you can download on your mobile. You can go to play store, search ATechnos games and get a delightful experience. Very few companies in India have started this agenda and ATechnos is one of them. Our aim is not only to develop a few games and remain stagnant but our motive is to continuously innovate high-quality games and draw as much as people possible. We always keep an eye on world technology and latest updates to take our games to a very advanced level so that the future generation can meet up to the high tech expression of AR and VR games. Mobile games have attracted people of all ages, nationalities, and occupation, and to fulfill their expectations we have a sedulous and creative team to match up their preconceived notions.
Nowadays mobile games are more trending because smartphones can be accessed by everyone. The center of gravity has shifted from costly games to mobile games. India is on the edge of making a loud noise in the gaming industry and expected to make 71 billion INR in the next three years.
ATechnos has a remarkable ability to design such games and heading towards its goal day and night to emerge as a leading company and gradually reach a level where we can make us proud along with making the gaming sector of the country a symbol of accomplishment.

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