Your guide for hosting stunning virtual conferences and events in 2022

Virtual conferences are not mere virtual meetings or webinars but are multi-day events hosted online. These could be live entertainment, educational programs, panel discussions, training programs, and everything under the roof of digital communication. According to Cisco, virtual events will grow at least 15 fold by 2022. Brands will be embracing live streaming and virtual conference platforms to reach their prospects. The ultimate aim of these virtual events is to create brand awareness, build relationships and attract leads.

Why Virtual conferences and events will be the future for business communication?

How virtual events and conferences nurture business communication?

Attendees sign up for the virtual event to learn about a product or service or get trained. They also have networking goals in their mind or attend the event for fun and celebration. The virtual events thus create a win-win situation for both the event planners and the attendees, and it caters to the remote audience who are unable to attend in person. They are also cost-effective and help brands achieve better ROI.

Types of Virtual events that will see a rise in 2022:

Some virtual event types you can consider to propagate your business message:

Virtual events are precisely similar to physical events, except they happen over a digital platform. They offer the same experience as in-person events with timed sessions, breakouts, etc. Common types of virtual events that will see a rise in 2022 are,

1. Webinars: They typically last between 45 to 80 minutes. They use video conferencing tools that allow Q/A sessions to provide live or pre-recorded videos and live interaction. Webinars generally attain 100% virtual attendance.

2. Conferences: They have a complex agenda with many sessions, keynotes, breakouts, etc. Virtual conference platforms with in-built engagement tools support them. The platform also allows them to view real-time keynotes and interact with fellow attendees. 

3. Online workshops: These are popular virtual events for training people. Their platform should facilitate live Q/A sessions and one-on-one discussions. They should allow a share screen feature to help the trainer share content.

4. Music concerts and celebrations: Apart from business sessions and academic lectures, virtual events are also great venues for virtual celebrations and concerts. They help remote employees of an organization collaborate and interact on a lighter note.

Requirements for hosting stunning Virtual events:

Virtual conferences rely on technology to offer an explicit experience for the attendees. Choosing the best event platform in India is the first step in hosting a spectacular event. This platform is a software tool that offers the best virtual capabilities to engage and entertain attendees. The best virtual platform Almond Virtex serves as a one-stop destination to handle all requirements of a virtual event.

Its powerful video conferencing and webinar tools help organize spectacular virtual events close to a physical event. Virtex offers robust engagement features as it accommodates surveys, live chats, live Q/A sessions, and pills. It’s attendee directories and discussion forums foster networking between attendees and panelists and among attendees. It offers custom landing pages, email interaction, and virtual hang-out spaces for ambient engagement. Virtex is a perfect platform for virtual webinars, conferences, entertainment events, virtual placements, workshops, etc. Its event insights and analytics help measure event KPI during and after the session completes. And their technical team will leave no stone unturned in their path of creating a stunning virtual event.

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