How essential is networking for hybrid events?

One of the biggest challenges of hybrid events has been effective networking. However, recent studies have revealed that marketers organize hybrid events for more engagement. So, there is a gap that needs to be bridged because networking is very essential for any event, including hybrid ones. 

Why is networking important?

Imagine the number of attendees at a regular corporate event. As an attendee, if you don’t have the opportunity to network with at least a few of them, you are likely missing out on opportunities to further your career. And as an organizer, you stand to gain a lot in the long run if you are able to create a good networking atmosphere for your attendees. 

If your event is known to be a networking ‘paradise’, you are more likely to attract top talent, better participants, sponsors, and the like. So, whether it is a virtual or a hybrid event, ensure that you have your networking capabilities set. 

How can you ensure better networking at your hybrid events? 

1. Choose the perfect networking platform

While there are several good hybrid platforms out there, the best hybrid event platform understands the power of networking and has in-built engagement and networking tools like a virtual lobby, chat, breakout rooms, matchmaking, etc. So, before everything else, make sure to research and find a good virtual platform. 

2. Push your attendees to complete their profiles before the event

Some smart hybrid platforms such as Hubilo, Almond Virtex, Airmeet, Hopin, vFairs can automatically match your attendees to other companies, and people of their interest. However, this can be achieved only if you have some relevant information about your attendees. So, make basic details like location, company, role, etc, mandatory so that the rest of it can be handled by your event technology. 

3. Use social media to its full potential

Create an event page and use an event hashtag. Make sure to invite as many of the possible attendees and then keep posting on the page. It can serve as a great networking spot before the event begins. You can continue to make use of this page and use event hashtags to identify who’s been talking about it and bring like-minded attendees together. 

It needs to be said that hybrid events are transforming the events industry. So, for your upcoming events, this page can continue to remain and be used to retain visitors, customers, and brand ambassadors. So, have a social media calendar for the page and continue to keep in touch and build a community. 

4. Create an app

Today, when there is an app for pretty much under the sun, you definitely need one for your event. It can be the perfect starting point for your attendees. You can upload regular updates, including information about your speakers, workshops, profiles, and much more. The app can also include chats, polls, quizzes, and other engagement abilities to add to your networking strengths.  

Businesses that understand the power of networking in hybrid events and ensure that it takes place in their events are more likely to have a higher attendance rate, better engagement, brand recall, and a stronger sense of community. 

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