The Most Effective Team Building Activities For Your Virtual Or Hybrid Staff

Ask any remote team member and they will tell you how important it is to have virtual team-building activities for better teamwork and employee happiness. In fact, 75% of employers think that collaboration within the team is highly valuable. So, team building is a must, even if it is to be virtually so. 

In our experience working with several virtual teams, we have understood that virtual team building is not the same as in-person team building. So, you need much more than a regular happy hour or online team quiz to bring out the camaraderie. 

Luckily, we have a few ready ideas for you that can help. 

1. Virtual treasure hunt

What better way to bring together a team than a treasure hunt? Now you might wonder how you could conduct a hunt online. But it’s all in the details. You could make a list of household items that need to be photographed or decorated in a certain manner. While the tasks may be individual, they could be linked together within the team and the completion of all the individual tasks would mean victory for the team. For instance, Employee A’s task would be to get a picture of Employee B’s dog. There could be similar tasks for every employee. 

2. Two truths and a lie

If you’re trying to have a fun-filled activity that also enables your team members to get to know each other better, then look no further. The rules of the game say that every person is required to make three statements about themselves two of which are true and one which is not. The rest of the people on the call will need to identify the lie from the three. It is a great chance for people to share even a few bizarre truths about themselves if they’re game. 

3. Pictionary

Pictionary is a classic and a favorite among many groups. All you need to do is to make this a virtual team event. You can choose a good platform like Virtex that provides you with a virtual drawing board. Split up your attendees into teams and you’re on your way. A representative from each team will need to draw the word assigned and the rest of the team has to make guesses. 

4. Virtual dance party

With many people still working from home, there is very little opportunity for physical movement. A great creative idea for a virtual workshop is a dance party. A trainer can lead the team while they follow him/her. You could also involve a few fun challenges wherein members add their own twist to a step or have a dance-off. 

5. Virtual escape room

Just like a physical escape room, a virtual escape room will involve a team being locked up in a room. They will then have to use the clues to escape. It is an effective virtual team-building activity because it will need them to put on their thinking hats and feed off each other’s positivity. 

If you have VR headsets, you can create a simulation of an escape room and make things more exciting for your team.

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