5 Reasons Why You Need New Lead Capture Strategies at Your Event

The shift has happened and corporate events are likely to stick to the hybrid model even in the near future. But, this change in trend brings its own set of challenges. For instance, how does one ensure the same kind of networking and personal touch with virtual elements? And that’s just one of the possible issues.

One of the reasons why businesses host events is to expand into newer markets and consequently, grow. And the foremost requirement to go down that path is good quality leads. However, using traditional lead generation tools for virtual events might not be the answer. What you need is a fresh set of lead capture strategies. Here is why.

1. Audiences are distributed

With hybrid events, you know that your audiences are spread out and possibly from different backgrounds. In such a case, a simple registration form will not suffice. What you need is a good virtual event agency that also handles hybrid events and can help your attendees create a profile for themselves either on your event app or on the platform itself.

Platforms today are really smart and can help you classify your leads according to the information in their profiles. So, you could have different lists for local leads, international ones, or repeat customers.

2. Audiences prefer contactless transactions

After COVID, in-person events rely on contactless technologies and have now begun to distribute evet passes with QR codes that just need to be scanned. Now, this QR code can be used effectively by businesses by linking it to the profile of an attendee.

Through an event app, your attendees can access their profiles and you can incentivize them by rewarding them with points, cashback, free webinars, etc. when they perform an action at your event. So, this way your interaction will be completely contactless while being able to capture leads effectively.

Moreover, contactless transactions are also eco-friendly and sustainable, so brownie points there!

3. Audiences don’t mind on-demand content

You don’t always need tips to build your network at the virtual event itself. Instead, you can continue to expand it after your event is done. If you’re not using on-demand content to capture leads, then you’re missing out on a lot of business.

Several attendees prefer to watch content on the website once the event is over. They like the edited videos, the snippets, the highlights, and the way information is presented. So, put in the hard yards and invest in a good video editing team.

Once you upload your content to the website, you could capture basic information about your visitor.

4. Audiences are active on social media

Nothing like social media to capture and nurture leads. And most attendees have at least one social media account. So, widen your presence on social media and generate buzz before the event begins. Using analytics offered by these platforms, track the performance of your posts and you will find yourself with a fresh set of leads.

5. Audiences want virtual engagement

Many businesses host virtual events to increase their engagement rates and platforms such as Hopin, Almond Virtex, Airmeet, Hubilo can handle everything virtual event-related, including creating an engagement strategy. By making use of features such as chat, live polls, Q&A, and so on, you can build a lead pool.

It’s time to stay abreast of the ways of the world and use virtual event technology to its maximum potential. Lead generation is faster, more efficient, and cost-effective if this technology is used the right way.

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