How To Organize Virtual Property Expos That Also Boost RoI?

Property expos are one of the most sought-after events in the real estate industry. After all, they present businesses with the opportunity to showcase some of their best work while enabling attendees with ancillary services like loan applications. 

While businesses have largely embraced the move to virtual exhibition platforms since 2020, there are still a few concerns around generating the same quality of leads and earning decent revenue. 

Moreover, some of them opine that the intimacy and connection felt in a physical event can never be replicated through any virtual event. 

There is some truth to their fears. However, technology has made a lot of headway in this space now and it is possible for real estate developers to display some of their best work to customers/attendees while using smart tools to enhance their RoI. 

Through platforms like Virtex, you can achieve the following.   

1. Engage the best minds in the business to share their resources

At a physical event, the amount of information you have is confined to the region where you do business. This will not allow you to engage openly with attendees from other regions and at a property expo, everyone is a prospect.  

However, on a virtual exhibition platform, you can gather a solid team of professionals from all over the world. That will put you in a position of knowledge and today, knowledge is power. 

These experts can help you put together marketing collateral like brochures, banners, videos, and infographics that contain very useful information for your attendees. 

Eventually, they are going to want to do business with a firm that knows what it is doing. 

2. Use technology to replicate physical properties

This is something that is as effective even physically. But a great virtual event idea is to build a 360-degree virtual tour of all the properties that you want to showcase. Attendees will be thrilled as they walk through the house. 

You can take it up a notch by letting attendees ‘interact’ with this house. You can allow them to pick wall colors, interiors, modular designs, pick out furniture, and so much more. This is an immersive experience that makes attendees feel that they are a part of your brand and improves their willingness to buy from you. 

You can even add this section to your website after the event, so it is available to visitors on demand. 

3. Leverage the benefits of using event analytics

Your virtual event idea is incomplete without event analytics. And virtual platforms make analytics much more interesting. It is tougher to gauge your audience’s interest and intent through a physical event but you can utilize post-session surveys, quick polls, games, and quizzes during your virtual property expo to know so much about your attendees. For instance, you can understand their: 

  • Engagement levels by putting up quizzes 
  • Intent to buy through polls 
  • Awareness of your brand through games/quizzes
  • Buying cycle stage through the questions they ask in Q&A and live chat sessions
  • Overall experience with the event and whether they have moved up in the buying stage cycle through post-session surveys 

You can leverage everything that event analytics can offer. But, at the same time, you also need to be prepared with a feedback team, that can act on it and translate it into meaningful business data. 

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