Tools That Every Virtual Event Organizer Should Be Utilizing

Virtual event technology is rapidly getting better. And with better technology come more efficient and cutting-edge tools. But when things move so quickly, it can seem difficult to keep up, especially if you’re an event organizer or marketer. At the same time, these tools could prove to be an integral part of your event marketing mix. 

So, the next time you think of new virtual event ideas, have these tools handy. 


Hosting an event? Then you need a website. It has to include information about the event, the agenda, names, and details of the speakers, updates, and announcements- everything a visitor would need to know. Not only should it be informative, but it must also build engagement with your visitors. 

For instance, you could have two different timings for your event and you could ask your visitors to register for one. You could also ask them to contribute ideas for your event hashtag, play pre-event games whose winners will be announced at the event, and so on. 

Also make sure that your website is attractive, has a consistent theme that goes with your brand and your event colors, is easy to navigate, loads quickly, and is mobile-optimized. You should also ensure that registration happens seamlessly. 

Pre-event engagement tools

Earlier we discussed pre-event games. You can use a good virtual event platform to design these games or choose from existing ones. These can help build excitement before the event and boost engagement before, during, and after the event too. 

You don’t necessarily need games alone. You can also host short polls and encourage visitors to answer. All the information from the polls can be used as data at a later stage. That is how you can use polls and games to keep your audience engaged even after the event and boost your RoI. 

Social media challenges

To run a successful challenge or contest on social media, you need a good event hashtag and a few good posts that have the potential to go viral. Through these, you can promote your event and generate buzz and engagement. Winners of your challenge can be rewarded with cool goodies and prizes at your event. This will also encourage more attendance for your event. 

In fact, there is a lot you can do on social media. You can also tag attendees, reward the ones who share the best experiences about the event, and much more. 

Event app

We discussed creating a website for the event earlier and while that may be great for laptop and desktop users, an event app is likely to provide an even better experience, especially to mobile users. Remember the same instructions while creating your app and ensure that it is secure. 

To increase registration on the app and increase its usage, you could have special app-only deals and discounts too. You could also partner with mobile gaming companies to host special app-only tournaments, daily challenges, contests, and so on. Your app has a higher likelihood of being more engaging to your visitors. 

Tracking tools

Common virtual event FAQs usually revolve around tracking the performance of the event. Luckily, several state-of-the-art platforms like Almond Virtex, Hopin, Hubilo, Airmeet have an embedded tracking mechanism for this purpose. 

As an event organizer, you must look into the tracking tools available at your disposal because these will enable you to prepare better for your post-event communication and your next events. 

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