Top 5 secrets to make your hybrid or virtual event a big success!

Abhinav Jain is the CEO & Co-founder at Almond Solutions – An ATechnos venture. Almond Virtex has hosted hundreds of virtual and hybrid events last year.

If we talk about what great things happened to the experiential industry during the pandemic, then virtual events will top the list, followed by hybrid events. The organizations have realized the potential of virtual events, and now they are moving towards Hybrid events that will stay in the market for long.

What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event is a combination of virtual & in-person events. The hybrid event happens in front of a small percentage of a live audience while most of the event audience attend the event remotely, online through a virtual platform.

Now let’s get into the tips of hosting a successful hybrid event.

Hosting a successful hybrid event depends upon the type of people we are targeting and the specific objectives of the event. Here we are going to share some factors that decide the success of a hybrid event.

Choose the correct hybrid event partner.

In the current scenario, there are many options to choose from. But what should be looked at before choosing one? Many brands look for the technical capabilities for the successful conduct of the event, but the success depends on how integrated the event is. Many new players are offering hybrid event services. But, it is always good to choose a platform partner who has experience in holding virtual and physical events that will make a real difference. Also, remember copying a physical event into a virtual space is not a great idea rather hybrid and virtual events need to be thought of from a digital-first approach.

The event platform should have built-in features.

While choosing a virtual event platform, always consider the features offered. As the attendees are diverse, some attend the event in person while some remotely, it becomes very challenging to keep everyone engaged. So, an AI-enabled platform helps in getting insights to make the event more engaging and targeted.

A well-developed user-friendly platform.

Check on how well you are addressing the needs and preferences of your audience. it will tell you how successful your hybrid event will be. It is crucial to have an interface that is accessible to everyone and easy to use without any complexities.


If the platform is personalized, the audience will stay hooked to the hybrid event. Participants will be attending the event from different locations, and hence everyone wants the best experience. The platform offering flexible preference-based options should be your go-to choice which will get more people to register.

Response time and resolution.

It is the most vital aspect to look at before finalizing any event partner. Both virtual and in-person events have their respective challenges, but hybrid events have a mixture of challenges faced by both types of events that is important to address to make the event glitch-free. To cater to the same, it is important to check the capability of the team to handle challenges in real-time and the tech support they offer.
If you are considering all the above factors, you are ready to choose a virtual events platform partner and start with your next hybrid event.
The author of this article is Abhinav Jain, CEO & Co-founder – Almond Solutions. Almond Virtex, a virtual and hybrid events platform, can be your perfect partner to host a hybrid event. More details @ or Email –
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