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Boosting Retailer Loyalty with Gamified Rewards: Udaan's Cricket-themed Program on Almonds Ai's Channelverse


Udaan, India's top B2B marketplace, aimed to enhance retailer loyalty and drive repeat sales through a SEO-friendly gamified rewards program.


Existing loyalty programs lacked simplicity and immediate incentives, hindering effective retailer engagement and loyalty.


In partnership with Almonds Ai's Channelverse platform, Udaan introduced a cricket-themed "Spin The Bat" game. Retailers earned chances to play based on their purchase history, unlocking tailored rewards. The program prioritized instant gratifications for increased repeat sales.


Udaan's cricket-themed loyalty program, powered by Almonds Ai's Channelverse platform, achieved remarkable SEO-friendly results:

  •   Over 5,000 logins in the first month, showcasing strong retailer participation and engagement.
  •   Exceptional 90% engagement rate, reflecting active retailer involvement and satisfaction.
  •   70% repeat visits and engagements, driving loyalty and boosting sales.
  •   Over 600,000 engaged retailers and consumers, fostering a loyal customer base.
  •   Over 2 crore yearly rewards distributed to retailers, increasing loyalty and sales.
  •   Successfully executed 15+ loyalty and rewards campaigns since 2019, ensuring ongoing engagement.


Udaan's SEO-friendly gamified loyalty program, in collaboration with Almonds Ai's Channelverse platform, revolutionized retailer rewards and loyalty in the B2B marketplace. By leveraging cricket-themed campaigns and offering instant gratifications, Udaan successfully motivated retailers to make repeat purchases. The program's outstanding impact highlights the importance of gamification and tailored rewards in enhancing retailer engagement, loyalty, and business growth.

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