Virtual events have become so popular amid the pandemic. Currently, people are more into online events than physical events. So everybody is learning what goes into organizing an online event and how you can profit from them.  

We have compiled a list of virtual event-related FAQs to ease your anxiety and study.  

This article will answers all the common questions about virtual events you will encounter when researching them and during the beginning stages of designing one for your company. 

What is a Virtual Event?

Have you ever heard of virtual events? If so, you might be wondering what they’re all about. Virtual events are similar to real life events, but rather than happening in front of you and your colleagues, they occur on the internet.  

Companies use the best virtual event platforms to make the event successful in maximizing their lead generation & nurturing programs.  

What are the types of virtual events?

When most people hear the words “virtual event”, they assume that it means some sort of online conference or “tele-seminar”. In reality there are many other types of online or virtual events available today, such as social gatherings and business networking events. 

However, here is the list that have the most common virtual events that are capable of delivering a full marketing funnel and generate more leads. 

  • Virtual Conference & Summits 
  • Virtual Education Fair 
  • Virtual Benefit Fair 
  • Virtual Networking Fair 
  • Virtual Graduation Ceremony 
  • Virtual Trade Shows & Exhibitions 
  • Virtual Expo  
  • Virtual Product Launch 


What is the purpose of Virtual events?

Virtual Events had been proven to be an effective means of conveying information to an audience simultaneously. You can share the same content to thousands of online users at the same time with just one click.  

  1. Less time-consuming and less expensive 
  2. Streamlining the use of multiple platforms 
  3. Enhanced interactivity 
  4. Optimization of return on investment 

Why virtual events?

There are several advantages of hosting a virtual event. It is easier to organize one and more cost-effective. This can result in more revenue for your company and greater brand awareness. 

Utilizing the reach of the Web, businesses were able to reach potential clients better than ever before. Social media and online media outlets became where more and more people accessed information on the latest trends in their professional and personal lives. 

Apart from these, there are some other benefits of organizing an event online: 

1. Collect Real-time data 

2. Flexibility 

3. Save time & money  

How to make virtual events interactive?

To many, running an engaging and successful virtual event seems like a daunting affair. It’s all about learning how to use the available features and adding your creative touches around them.  

Being a virtual event planner, you can make your online event engaging in ways like: 

  • Polls & Trivia 
  • Speaker Q&A 
  • Games 
  • Gamification & Leaderboard 
  • Photo & Video booth 
  • Social Media Wall 
  • Virtual Café/Food-Court 

However, by knowing what features your virtual event needs, you can make sure that the event is successful and highly engaging for your audience. 

How to organize virtual events?

Virtual events are online versions of in-person events, which enable people to attend conferences virtually from computer or any digital device like a phone or a tablet. 

But to make sure that the event should be successful and your audience should have a fantastic experience, we are sharing some best practices for conducting a great event: 

  1.  Set clear goals and budget 
  2. Choose the best virtual event platform to host your virtual event 
  3. Create a landing page with all relevant information 
  4. Develop a clear agenda 
  5. Promote your virtual events 
  6. Invite investors and exhibitors 

There are different tools that every virtual event organizer should be utilizing, but choosing the right tools is often the tricky part when it comes to organizing an online event. 

Online events can be used as a way of promoting your business and getting free advertising. Choosing the right virtual platform for hosting the even plays a crucial role in this. The virtual event management platform provides a full range of event management services and functionality from a single solution, so that you can get your events off the ground with minimum effort. 

There are many different virtual platforms in the market and one of them is Almond Virtex. It’s a virtual & hybrid event & experience platform that help brands/ organization with employee and channel engagement. 

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