What factors should you consider while selecting a virtual event platform?

The virtual event platform is a flexible software solution that helps planners organize, promote, execute and manage their online events. With so many virtual event platforms out there, finding the best match isn’t easy. Here are some factors to consider while choosing the platform to organize stellar events. 

1. Ensure the platform has an aesthetic appeal with customizable design options:

The first thing that the attendees, sponsors, and even the speakers notice about the event, is its design. The design of the event platform represents the brand and the message. It should perfectly align with the brand message and should carry customization options. It should reflect the brand identity and adapt its logo, colors, and visual elements. And this should reflect throughout the platform from the registration page to the actual presentation booth. It should offer the same experience for the sponsors, reflecting their image in the virtual exhibitor spaces. It should allow sponsors to customize their booths with their branding message and design elements. 

2. Check the list of event presentation tools in the platform:

The event platform should render all tools and plugins to host premium virtual events. From mobile apps to CRM tools and a dedicated customer support team, it should cover every single aspect of the event. Be it conferences, exhibitions, community events, or training programs, the platform should posses scalable tools that are phenomenal to use. 

Choose a most trusted virtual event platform that supports both live and pre-recorded sessions, supports live interaction with the audience, engages the audience through surveys and polls, etc. It should posses a virtual networking zone for audience interaction and allow instant video access to communicate. In short, the platform should deliver an absolute digital experience and accommodate reward programs, café, and game zones.

3. Make sure the platform has integrated software for event management:

Online events demand meticulous planning similar to physical events. The secret ingredient for seamless event performance is event management software. It should include,

  • Registration feature for attendees
  • A built-in email system to send invitations and marketing messages for the audience
  • Landing page for the event
  • Engagement features and gamification options 
  • Social media integration for optimal networking and to create event-buzz through real-time            content.
  • An integrated event management software offers real-time analytics and reports about the         event. 
  • Finally, ample automation options to de-complication manual work.

4. Real-time tech support:

Nothing can hinder a great event experience greater than insufficient technical support. Choose a virtual event agency that offers real-time technical support pre, during, and post-event. This helps in handling,

IT infrastructure relevant issues, such as power cuts, internet, Wifi problem, etc.

Platform-related problems such as login and access issues, black screen, etc.

Round-the-clock support from technical personnel.

It is thus crucial to ensure that the event platform you are working with, is fostered by a highly responsive, helpful, and quick technical team.

5. Ease of use:

This is perhaps one of the most neglected aspects of event management. Choose a platform that makes it easy for the attendees, speakers, and sponsors to log in, take part and experience the thrill of the live event. It should be simple to use and set up. Ensure it has a clean and user-friendly interface so that you don’t waste your time on it’s technical aspects. And it should be compatible on different devices and screens as well.

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